Monday, May 26, 2014

1 Nephi 16:18 and 23

Hey K, Dad, and Alex--------
We had a better week this week, It is SUPER cold. But I am staying warm, no worries. We were able to have a few good lessons as well as some new investigators. The picture is included of our investigator, Nacho. Like I explained in my email from last week. The good news is that he is progressing a little bit every time we teach. He has more and more questions and me teaching him English has been a good way to "open the door". Before it was hard for him to talk, but now he´s talking and he´s talking in English hahaha. 
I sent a picture a few weeks ago of our MA, Hermano C _____.. He is CRAZY. He´s like a member of the Hampton family, hahah. He has now been coming to church regularly. And we have been visiting him and his wife more. We are trying to help him with a few minor problems, but he told us he wanted to enter the temple and that that was his new goal. We had a ward conference last week and the stake president talked a lot about the Temple. I think that really woke him up :) BUT I am super excited for him. Taking advantage of his idea, I shared with him how there is no better goal than to enter the temple and that we would be there to help both him AND his wife go through together. 
What more.... We´ve had a few Noches de Hogar, I´m still teaching English, we might have a baptism this Sunday. The daughter of one of the converts of our ward. Still working hard... We are going to have a family home evening with the Bishop tonight. Trying to get to know him. He is crazy.. I came up with the idea, we´ll see how it goes. 
Other than that, I am glad to see you enjoyed Memorial day! I was thinking just the other day trying to remember what day it fell on. Looks like grandma and grandpa had a fun time and Lauren looks so beautiful and ready to leave! I'm excited for her!! ....... Faltan las fotos de ustedes dos. -- karen and dad. I'm sure you will take lots when you go to portland. Dad, I don't understand when you say your life is pretty "aburrido" when you and karen are national travelers, and hosts for the other crazys that come and visit. 
I'm not sure if I have shared this with you before, but I love these two verses in 1Nephi 16. This is the part where he and his family are in the wilderness. His bow breaks. Here, Nephi has a Problem. In vs 23, He finds a solution. Not only that, but he asks his father where he can go to find food. If we ever feel like we have trials or problems, We can use our knowledge and resources to find a solution, and we can ask our Heavenly Father what we should do next. I have lived with this knowledge over the last few weeks because these weeks haven´t been easy for me, but I do know what when we identify our problems, we´ve got half of the solution. So, I´ve just got to work with what I´ve got and ask the Lord what I should do next. 
Alex I pray for you and the people you are working with everyday. You left almost a year a go. A year goes fast and I know you are putting everything forward, I am so proud of you. 
I did get everything in the lucky charm box! thank you!!! and I also received a BEAUTIFUL necklace with a note that said it was Dad´s idea... ;) thank you dad and K because it got to me and I wear it everyday. I love you and hope you are well and hope you enjoy your upcoming plans. 
-- pic of me and Nacho and one of me, Hna Veron, and Hna Tax in our apartment eating pancakes!

Sister Jasmine Berthelson
Chile Santiago East Mission

Monday, May 19, 2014

May 19th

Woah, i had no idea that grandma and grandpa came to visit. Nor the Rackham's. I bet its been a fun-filled few days with lots of laughs. And lots of Solitaire. And with the hot weather, I can believe that grandma is out by the pool everyday. 

To make a long week short, we have just been having lessons with people, contact, walk, walk in the cold. There isn't a whole lot of excitement here. Not much sizzle right now. We eat a lot here. I am up to my throat in a soupy-dish here called Casuela. It is a soup with big pieces of meat, and a ton of Vegetables. Pretty bland, but it is a typical dish in Chile. hahah the member LOVE to feed us Casuela. 
As far as people that we are teaching, there aren´t too many. We had a family home evening with the ward on Tuesday to get ready for our Ward conference. We watched the Because of Him Video that Karen was talking about a few months ago. It was very much improved by us because the members that had assignments didn't fulfill, but it worked out in the end. 
We are teaching a kid named N___.......

Other than that there are a lot of people with problems. And not much else because they don't want to listen to our solution. And we keep visiting them. Haven't lost hope! They will accept the gospel someday :)
Please pray for me and my companion. Not much else is happening we will see this week though. 
Elder B- yo follo portuguese :) naaaa keep working hard! proud of you!
I did get my lucky charms package!!! I love lucky charms thank you!!! 
Beware of the rattlesnakes! 
mucho cariño

Monday, May 12, 2014

May 12th

Hey yall. It is a little easier for me to write in English than to speak it. A little out of practice. 

sorry Elder B. Your Dominican accento threw me off as well. I was so glad to hear you all and to see you!! Hard to believe that n just a few short months I will be coming home. Last time I will skype dad and k. I am sorry, that I was short on words in a few places but I was just happy to get to see you. 

It has been hard to get adjusted to my new area, so I didn´t have a lot to say there either. I hear ya AB, I´m sure it will be quite a change for you and having to transfer isn't always easy, but you have been doing a lot of good work so keep up the attitude and keep pushing! It´s not new for you to hear, but just have faith in the Lord that everything will be alright this transfer because it will :) I love you Alex. I know you´re going to make a difference in your new area. 

Dad and K, It was great to hear from you, two. tell Doug thank you and I say Hi as well. thanks as well for all of your packages.Karen I will answer your question in the letter I have ready to send. 
It is Extremely important to follow the Prophet. The blessing of being a missionary it has been great to share 2 things- The Atonement of Jesus Christ, and the Restoration. To truely appreciate and know of the truthfulness of the Prophets words we must start with a testimony of the Restoration. Which also starts with the words in the book of Mormon
But i will write you more in the letter, and Dad, it was awesome to speaks Spanish with you too. :) 
I don't have too much else to say as well. But thank you for making it possible to see all of you. I know that it is the work of the Lord, yes It is hard, but it doesn't take away the truthfulness of this message. 
I love you and hope you have a great week. and yes I will send more pics next week. 
Les quiero mucho

Monday, May 5, 2014

May 5th

Hey Famm
Sí! feliz cinco de mayo. Nadie se lo celebra aquí, pero asi lo es. Hope you were able to eat tacos, burritos, drink lemoñade, etc. This week has been a little crazy. There are days with absolutley nothing, and days with a lot going on. Hey- Guess who came to visit? One Direction... We were practically at the concert with everything that happend there where a lot of fireworks and the few YW that are in our ward all went. tons of fireworks we had a pretty good week.

 A lot of contacting more than anything and we are working harder to ask for references from everyone.  One cool experience- we noticed a hurse coming out of an apartment building parking lot a couple of weeks ago as we were going to have lunch with a member. We asked the members if they knew the person who passed away, and they told us yes, not that they knew them very well, but that they knew them. We ended up contacting a person who lived in the same apt building as the family with the person who passed away. we went with a member to visit this contact that we had after our first plan failed. the plan de respaldo also fell through, but we contacted a woman in this apt buildng- at first the woman was pretty stubborn and didn't want to hear us, but the member who came with us has so much excitement for the obra misional. She pretty much gave lesson 1,2, and 3 to this lady who didn't want to hear us. But her heart completely changed in the end. She told us that her mom had passed away. the daughter of the lady who passed away just a week earlier. Although she didn't accept our invite to teach her or for her to come to church, we had a great lesson with the member who came with us and the member bore her testimony. I was very impressed and grateful for this member who was so persistent in sharing the Gospel with this woman who is a great example to me. A lot more has happened this week. Not too many progressing, but incentive to find more people to teach. 
I received good news from my old sector. that A____ had her baby and that J_____ that i have mentioned in a few letters came to church with all of his family. He has pretty much been attending alone for the past 6 months. hermana salazaar told me the good news today, :)) I am so happy for this. 

I wish I had a bit more to tell you. time always escapes me, but hey I will talk to you all on sunday hopefully. 
I am grateful for so much... and although the results don't always follow, I know that everything works out in the end and that Heavenly Father knows what is best. I am here to do my best, and to share what i know and believe. I love you guys. 
Yes if you can i would be so grateful to receive something warm. I am planning on buying more warm clothes. Depends on our pdays but in the next few weeks. ....... I love them so much :) 
cool to hear congrats to ELDER CLARK! and to the new bishop lol!!!!! how cool
ELDER B. such good news i will be praying for ____ as well cool with your ward in prov. how awesome is that?? 
a few good views fromm my apt and our faithful Menos Act hno Cofree. Very stylish. 
have a good week i will talk to you sunday!!!!!