Monday, July 28, 2014

July 28th

Yes I will stuff a little bit more into my letter this week. We actually had a few things "out of the ordinary" go on. Remember N______? The one with major major health problems? Well, he had a crisis, didn`t eat for a few days and was hospitalized this week. The kid weighs as much as I do and if and when he eats, he eats only rice and eggs. Things with very little nutritional properties. We were able to get permission from his parents to have the bishop come over and give him a blessing. The bishop came by to give him the blessing, and unfortunately he was doped up on medications. He didn't respond to the bishop, but all of his other family members- his mom, dad, sister, and brother, asked for a blessing. It was a very humbling moment for everyone in the end. We have taught all of them on occasion, but it`s a huge struggle to teach them, especially the mom who is a strict Evangelical woman and thinks that her son is captivated by the devil. Well, if we are making progress with them, it is very slow. 

The man I told you about last week- A_______- is awesome!! He came to our English class, something that was only mentioned the week before to him. We also invited him to have a lesson with us this last week in the house of Hermano C_____. Hahaha it was crazy. Mostly because both Hermano C_____ and A______ are social butterflies. May I remind you Hermano C____ is our re-activated convert. He told whatever kind of story about the miracles of being a "Mormona". We felt that maybe our lesson turned into a train-wreck, but in the end A______  asked us to share our testimonies. Another hermana that was with us shared a testimony of following the spirit. Hermana V____ also bore her testimony of the restoration of the gospel and I also shared my testimony that he could know through prayer and the Spirit. In the end it turned out being a great lesson. We just have to help him along and get him to church because he works on Sundays.

We also have an investigator named M_____. She came with us for the second time to church yesterday. Not sure if I mentioned who she is, but she is an absolute blast. She is fifty something but has major depression issues. Maybe not what you would think.. We have to teach her like we teach the primary children- with characters and pictures. For example, we sang a musical number yesterday at church the four of us missionaries and I gave a talk in sacrament meeting and she tried to applaud after our "presentations". But, she is progressing a lot more than our other investigators. We actually started teaching her husband who is a big Rod Stewart fan. and their son M_____. We have a lesson with M______ in a few min. 

Elder Berthelson!!!! Congrats! I am so proud of you. I know that this is a big responsibility and you are the perfect elder for the job. I hope you show love to your zone and everyone you are going to serve. I am so so so so proud of you :))
Hope everyone has a great week. Chao, besitos.

Monday, July 21, 2014

July 21st

Just a really quick email this week. Not much to inform about and actually a pretty slow week here. We didnt have changes again. My comp will complete 11 months in this sector... So shes feeling a bit like I did in el Parque plus 3 months. Really stinks, and the ward is the same. We met a man named A_____ the other day, a contact in the street that ended up talking to us for over an hour and a half. We had a lesson with him. The guy is crazy, but super funny and participated way back when in church activities. We have another lesson with him this Wednesday. 
Like Alex, I have been able to see the small miracles in the week. Nothing grand, just really really small instances where I thank my Heavenly Father for allowing me to be here. I appreciate the packages/letters that will be coming to me. Nothing has come yet, but I know what to expect. I love you all very much and hope everyone is well. Thank you for your weekly emails which always bring a smile to my face and keep me going. 


Monday, July 14, 2014

July 14th

Hola Familia. 
We were able to have a few good lessons with Less actives this week. We were once again able to enter the house of Hermano M__ T______ who was a reference from a less active a couple of months ago. We have passed by so many times to learn that he isn't there, doesn´t have time, etc etc. But we were able to teach him in his house this past Saturday. Our first visit with us, he was very set to his idea of our church being a church of Joseph Smith. Our fist visit was to first get to know him and our initial though was that we needed to teach him the Restoration. The problem is that he doesn't know how to read. We made a picture format of the restoration so that it would be easier to teach him- well, about a month ago, and it worked so well Saturday. We taught him and the wonderful thing about it is that he listened more intently when we started explaining who Joseph Smith was and as we recited the First vision and shared our testimonies. We also offered to teach him how to read. He and his family appear in the ward directory and were baptized about twenty years ago, but it has been incredible to once again teach him from the beginning.
Just a lot of visiting less actives.... not a lot more than that this past week. 
We also did a surprise FHE with an older convert in our ward named J____. It was so cute! all of the Valients sang, gave a lesson, we also had a game. We have a picture that I will have to send next week. 
We went to Cajón del Maipo a couple of weeks ago. We took a bunch of pictures, so I picked out a couple. 

We also went to a Dinosaur exhibit today, not anything super special but More photos to come.

There were so many forms of good news, I don't know where to start...
Dad`s news with LeBron? Martha Bale!!! Wow I am excited for her! Cambria and Hunter being closer to our house, Elder Clark, Elder Berthelson is now a chef... well I got the excitement reading real quick about what is going on. 
I am super grateful for the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This message is entirely about joy as it is applied in our lives. I feel like a better person inside and out as I look for ways to progress spiritually every day. And it is so special not only to live it but to share it as well. 

Les amo. thank you for letters and packages (got the package with some clothes and accessories from k this week) and love in general.

Monday, July 7, 2014

D&C 101:16

Hola Familia
I don´t really know where to start this week. Just a full week of work I guess. When I get to sitting down at the computer my mind goes completely blank as  to what has happened during these 7 days. To start with the news from the two new missionaries, I cant tell you how proud I am of both of them. The feelings of doubt or nervousness pass after a time and I can totally relate to Elder Hampton. Dinner just doesn't exist. Like I have said before, They usually gather once more in the late afternoon to eat (here it is called once) but yes they load the missionaries up during lunch. Hermana or Elder... it´s practically the same. 
This week has been a good week to say the least- Although we didnt celebrate the 4th of July with Fireworks...We have a new investigator named R______. He is about 30, a musician with a few health problems, but he is super receptive and lives right next to the church haha. 
We have also been able to teach Y____ and E____ again. With the situation of the two of them, we have been teaching the plan of salvation.

Yesterday we were teaching N______... The investigator that I took the photo with. A few weeks ago, we were able to teach Daniel, his older brother too, and well we asked if we could come back and teach him some more and so we came over yesterday to teach the both of them-D___ and N_____. Their Mom J_____ is super Evangelica. Yesterday when we came over she got upset when we told her that we were there to teach N_____ and D_____ (really we asked if we could teach the whole family). She had a moment where she went a little crazy telling us that Nacho was the one with the problem and that we were only there to teach N_____ and no one else. And after she stomped up the stairs upset. As we taught the Restoration to both D____ and N_____, we asked if we could show the movie The Restoration, and a good part way into the movie, J____ came down and started to watch from the bottom of the stairs. 
Really, it was such a powerful moment to share testimony with the three that were there. J_____´s face completely changed both Hermana Veron and I shared our testimonies of Joseph Smith and the Restored Gospel. 
I also got a phon ecall yesterday in the middle of 3rd hour at church. There was a boy that I mentioned in a couple of my emails to you guys named J_____. He pretty much came to church by himself for a while. He and his mom and older sister are all converts. And his dad wasn't a member. Hermana Salazar and I taught the whole family for a while, and well, I got the news yesterday from my mission president that his dad, P_____was baptized yesterday. N_____, J___'s sister, also told me that she is planning on serving a mission. The two kids kind of have a relation like Alex and I have. I am so happy for the whole family. That P_____ is now a member and that all are active in the church and I can bet that the next goal (for the family) is to be sealed eternally. The story is better in person, so you might have to wait a while. 
Eldr B. Pienso yo que nuestro barrio parece a veces como tuyo con 31 personas que lleguen dia domingo. La cosa que es lo más dificil para nosotros es para llevar nuestros investigadores/Ma a la capilla. A veces no sucede, pero todo es sobre la fe cierto? Te entiendo perfectamente cuan dificil es para encontrar nuevas personas para enseñar y que es muy necesario la idea de las referencias. Sabes que, no recibimos casi nada de referencias. Pero, aun que no es muy efectivo, he visto la necesidad tener fe y confianza en el Señor por trabajar por nuestros propio esfuerzos. No se frustre. De todos modos estás un gran ejemplo para mí.

(Eldr B. I think that our neighborhood sometimes seems like yours with 31 people arriving day Sunday. The thing that is the hardest thing for us is to bring our researchers / Ma to the chapel. Sometimes it happens, but it's all about the true faith? I completely understand how hard it is to find new people to teach and the idea is very necessary references. You know, we get almost no references. But even that is not very effective, I have seen the need to have faith and trust in the Lord to work for our own efforts. Do not get frustrated. Anyway you are a great example for me.)

So I am super grateful for this scripture. We invited everyone to church this Sunday, super frustrating when they don't come, sure. It's actually always like this with commitments, and invitations, etc etc. . But I have to learn time and time again to not get upset with myself if things don't happen like I plan and that the will of Heavenly Father is greater than my own. The agency of another is nothing that I can control, but I just have to have faith and do my part, and the Lord will work in His own time. 
Glad to know everyone is well. sounds like you had a good fourth of July with shrimp and everything!!!!! and fireworks and the sandlot. miss it. 
Lots of love,