Monday, October 27, 2014

October 27th

A short email this week, there isn't too much to say. We are getting really close to putting a baptisimal date with P________ G______ and with D____ C_______. We also found a guy named P____ from Bolivia.. I think he´s got to be the most receptive investigator that we have had in a while. The only challenge has been finding them when they are home. One of the bigger challenges of the mission is finding them when they are home and having lessons with the members which are incredibly affective. I hope that when you two are not traveling that you go out with the missionaries,, maybe one of the biggest challenges has been to find members and have lessons with investigators. Not just to have a lesson with a member, but remembering the Christ-like example of love and friendship. The member has the biggest influence with the investigator. 
What a cool experience to have been able to work at the temple for a bit. I bet it is booming there on Pinnacle Peak. what a blessing to get to watch, members and non-members go through. Well after more than 5 years of planning and constructing it has got to be wonderful to see the progress and the finished result! Like Alex said, I am also really excited to be able to go through when I get home. 
I am doing well with my companion. I have got a lot of crazy stories.. maybe too much to put into an email, but my companion makes me laugh so much! I am learning that maybe I didn´t have the patience that I had before the mission. I am grateful because I am learning more than she is I think. Makes it a little bitter sweet that I have experiencing this during the last few months that I have left. 
I have a few pics of me and my companion. We also have been "hunting down" some old investigators. We have been trying to get more creative with leaving small gifts for them like the little cactus we bought with scriptures written on the rocks. 

I hope that everyone is doing well. I love you and am grateful for the emails that I get from yall every week. Have a good one.

Monday, October 20, 2014

October 20th

A pretty good week on this end. It was pretty much a year ago that dad and k went to the Bahamas, i feel like I am re-living last year. I am so excited for the Temple to be dedicated!! I want to go first thing when I get back-
This week was pretty mello... I wasnt able to meet up with Sister Paulus.   Although i was very grateful that i was able to receive the backpack.It didn't work out and my mission president had to remind me about the rules with meeting up with people. It wasnt my intention to break the rules, but i am grateful to remember the part about exact obedience. Hey I got a lot of things about BYUi . I don't know if those were gifts from other people or hints.....
I wish I would have taken a picture of the Completo I ate with one of our investigators, C____. It was Saturday night, and maybe wasn't the best idea because I got sick for the first time in a long time!  but C____ is absolutely hysterical and the nicest guy. I don't want to say that it was worth it, but it sure was an experience. I told Karen that i was able to make it to the toilet every time. We also had a capacitacion the other day and I saw N______ M______ who has decided to serve a mini-mission in the areaa. just a few months ago she was coming back to church with her family and it was such a surprise to see her right along with us as missionaries.
I hope that everyone is doing well. I love you and will also forward the email that says when i will go home.

Monday, October 13, 2014

October 13th

(Hermana B almost wrote her entire email in Spanish - so I left it that way and used google translate to help me translate it for us)

Well, a week of ups and downs. But more ups than downs. Lots of learning, we have had a little trouble contacting all of our investigators this week, for work, time, etc. etc... Y como siempre, el desafío de que ellos progresan. Igual, podemos decir que algunos están progresando y que están leyendo el Libro de Mormón. Tenemos una investigadora se llama V_____ y cuando vamos, enseñamos a ella y su hijito Benjamín. El le gusta cantar los himnos y participa en las lecciones. Está leyendo el Libro de Mormón y es el niño mas capo que yo había conocido. 

And as always, the challenge they progress. Still, we can say that some are progressing and they are reading the Book of Mormon. We have a researcher called V____ and when we go, we taught her and her son Benjamin. He likes to sing hymns and participate in the lessons. You are reading the Book of Mormon is the most child hood I had known.
Estamos luchando con el D____. Más que J_____ porque D_____ tiene más interés con el Libro de Mormón. Un proceso lento.
We are struggling with D_____. More than J____ because D____ is more interested with the Book of Mormon. A slow process.
No estoy segura si he mencionado antes de P_____, pero él también está leyendo. También quiere bautizarse, así que ore por el para que tome la decisión hacerlo. Y a los de mas eran difíciles de encontrar.. Pero bueno, esperamos que nuestras investigadores vengan a la capilla! Aparte de eso, no ha pasado mucho. O quizás si, y no puedo pensar en mucho mas. 
I'm not sure if I mentioned before P_____, but he is also reading. He also wants to be baptized, so pray for to take the decision to do so. And the more they were hard to find .. But hey, we expect our researchers to come to the chapel! Other than that, not much has happened. Or maybe, and I can not think of much more.
Aparte de eso, esta semana me reflexioné mucho en el plan de Salvación y le Expiación. Con todo lo que pasó por parte de ustedes y el barrio y también aquí, me siento muy agradecido saber estas cosas y también enseñarles. Encontramos muchas cosas en la vida de cada uno, pero es cierto lo que dice José Smith de que la Expiación es el centro de lo que creemos y las otras doctrinas son extras. Pero sea necesario entender la Expiación porque nos da la razón "porque"

Other than that, this week I reflected much in the plan of Salvation and the Atonement. With everything that happened on your part and the neighborhood and here, I am grateful to know these things and teach. We found many things in the life of everyone, but it is true that Joseph Smith said that the Atonement is the center of what we believe and the other doctrines are extras. But it is necessary to understand the Atonement because it gives us the reason "why"
Yo recibí un paquete para la conferencia genial (GENIAL) porque fue maravillosa. Pero, no se me alcanzó a tiempo :( gracias igual por las dulces, chicle, marcadores, y notas. Para la próxima digo yo. 
I received a great package for the conference (GREAT) because it was wonderful. But I will not be achieved on time thanks :( equally by the candy, gum, markers, and notes. For I say next.
Me gustan las fotos. especialmente del cocodrilo porque me acuerdo de LA. (y para que sepan recibí noticias cuando voy a regresar :O) Y me alegro que ustedes (dad y k) estén viajando. K, saque muchas fotos
I like the pictures. Crocodile especially because I remember LA. (And so you know news when I got back: O) And I'm glad that you (dad yk) are traveling. K, take lots of pictures.
Y Alex, espero que estés bien! Sé que tiene mucho trabajo. Sigas fuerte hermano!! 
Que tengan una semana maravillosa! Hope you liked the spanish, Jazzed up my letter a little bit. Take care 
And Alex, I hope you're right! I know you have a lot of work. Follow stronger brother !!
Have a wonderful week! Hope you liked the spanish, Jazzed up my letter a little bit. Take care
Sister Jasmine Berthelson
Chile Santiago East Mission

Monday, October 6, 2014

Oct 6th

there is not enough time i am sorry! I sent sarah an email. I was shocked when i heard the news. I am praying for her and her family.. I am thankful for your emails this week . I will write more next week. 
Was also super pumped when President monson mentioned the PHX temple. It was also cool to hear the talks in Spanish.. for real.

Love you and hope yall are well this week. Alma 26:16