Monday, November 24, 2014

November 24th

A short and simple email this week. Thank you for all of the updates! I was also cruising around the LDS website and found the dedication for the Phoenix temple. Sweet that President Monson was able to come and dedicate it!! wow, I am so excited to come home and see it! 
Dad, I appreciate you figuring out a few of my classes for me and talking to the Bishop! It will be a short time til I get home. Karen... i hope your surgery went well. I had a health scare as well. Some weird rashes started appearing on my stomach. The Mission Doctor told me I had Pityriasis Rosea. He said there is no origin, it is not contagious, and they will go away in about six weeks by themselves because there is no treatment. Weird huh?? they are just really bothering is all
We were able to find a really good investigator named R_____. I am actually really excited to teach him. He came to us wanting practice with English, but wants to learn more about what we teach. The spirit is so important in the lessons. It was incredible to me that he identified something special about us. It was really cool to hear coming from him. 

I hope you look into the HE is the Gift launch that is going on, it sounds really cool. 
I love you and am so grateful for your examples and for the opportunity to serve. Have a great week!

Monday, November 17, 2014

November 17th

Hey.. sorry this email is nothing glamorous. I didn't even bring my camera even after all of your compliments (dad&k) of sending pictures. This week has been pretty mellow and up until yesterday, loaded with craziness. It is so hard to live the law of Chastity in Chile! Well, other than that, it has been a pretty good week. We`ve also had a couple of small earthquakes and the lights were cut in the big city metro. We had our last cambio (transfers). It looks like I will be staying in this sector and am still with Hermana Villalba. I guess it wouldn't make much sense to leave at this point. I can´t lie, at times it is hard to work with the ward, but we have tried to make some changes. Now we are just waiting patiently for the results.
How cool that the temple was finally dedicated! It sure took a good while and a lot of sweat! I can´t wait to see it when I get back.
I appreciate the team effort re-registering me for classes. ........

Also the wedding looks good!! tell Lizzie congrats on my part

 As I was reading one day in Mosiah 3:19 I came across the words "someterse a cuanto el Señor juzgue conveniente imponer sobre él" I was definitely struck by that part. my motto "voluntad del Padre".- I am grateful for every blessing, hardship, sadness, joy, frustration, .... that i have had in the mission thusfar. because i have and am still learning how to apply mosiah 3:19
I hope ya'll have a great week. Take care. hugs and kisses

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

November 3rd

hola familia...
I received a package from Cindy and Greg. looks like Mr Greg bought a boat and is now going frogging? If you could relay the message back to them telling them not to worry- that I will get my frogging gear ready for when I get back. Tell Ms Cindy that I am trying to collect some box tops for her to send back and that I will try and send in a couple of weeks.- I have collected a couple and I will see if some of the members have so to send so that I can send them. I also got a letter from Hailey Persons... just a few months late it seems like. I also got a Christmas card from the Hampton family. according to the card, Devin will be turning in his papers in the next week or two.. gotta love the mail system in Santiago!
(editor's note: Elder Devin Hampton has been on his mission since May)
sorry for the short email. It was such a good week. Mainly for yesterday with our investigators coming to church. yes! 
Hermana Salazar also surprised my with a small get together. I had no idea she would be celebrating my b-day, but here is a foto. 
thank you for all of the updates. hope to write a little more next week. love  you !!!

Monday, November 10, 2014

November 10th

time gets shorter and shorter lunes. We were able to have a conference with Elder Nelson this Morning. It was phenomenal! He shared with us a lot of what we need to share as missionaries focusing on the Doctrine. His wife also gave a powerful message. 
As far as the rest of the week went, we had a few issues come up in the ward. Let me just say that it is difficult when not everyone does their part. Comparing it to a beehive- There are thousands of worker bees. If none of the bees collect pollen, there is no honey. Maybe I`m not the best at analogies, but our investigators certainly know when the bees don't work together. That is why I am sending you a photo as my blessing of the week. M____ G____. She is the best missionary I have ever known. there are a thousand more blessings that I
see from week to week. they outweigh the negatives. Thank you for all of the birthday wishes. It was a great day. Love you and Looks like the dolphin fountain ones-up the frog. haha. Love you all.