Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Acts 17:27

Hola Familia
Wow, sounds like yall had a good week! Alex in Nashua, and Karen and Dad in Phoenix w the Borrowmans. Very nice! I liked the pictures as well. ........
And Congratulations to Devin!! Wow! There are a few missionaries here from Salta, Argentina. Yep, Hermana Salazar got it! He sure will come back with a different accent haha- And I bet, Dad that you were living it up with your old comp and your mission president- What a cool experience! 
I told you last week about M____ and A____. We were able to have the recorrido (travel) with them in the temple. In the end, she was in tears and was able to feel the Spirit. Later in the week, a member was able to come and help her with her house and was able to give her sick grand-daughter, A____, a blessing and we took her to meet the president of the Relief Society. She doesn´t leave her house very often, but she took a few very big steps in letting us help her, especially with getting to know some of the members. We are close to getting her to come to church. We know it will happen soon! Also, Hermana Wright (Mission President's wife) was able to do divisions with us one day this week. We taught a part member family where the dad is not a member. We were never able to have a lesson with the family because the dad is always working, but we are going to start teaching him and the family this week :)
We were able to teach R____ a lot this week. Keep praying for her because it has been hard to get ahold of her for the past couple of days. We have constantly been trying to get in touch with her, but with little results recently. 
Not much else has been going on. The hermana that we have been working with for months- R____- was able to come to stake conference con su amiga de Peru- M____ A___who we have been teaching. She isn´t one for listening, but we have some crazy stories about her. The conference was nice and it was a broadcast. Elder Cook was able to give a talk as well as two members of the 70 and a counselor in the Primary. 
Look up this scripture-. I have a note that I made for myself this week that says FEEL AFTER HIM. The Spirit will guide us in knowing who our Heavenly Father is. And we are the ones that need to seek.. or feel after Him. Because He is very, very close.  Keep me updated with how everyone is doing.

A picture with Hermana Wright

 And a picture of our Stake Center, Javiera Carrer
 Marisol (blue shirt) with Anita and Alicia in the stroller
 Rosa and Maria Angelica

Monday, February 10, 2014

Moses 1:39

Hola Familia!!
We have had a pretty good week! First news is that we have a Baptisimal Date for one of our investigators: RD. She is absolutely the sweetest lady I have ever met- just all around sweet! She is super creative, not only a grandmother, but great-grandmother. She is so full of energy and loves children. She is single, but keeps herself busy with projects and things. We met her about 2 months ago when we passed by this house with a giant  Viejito Pascuero (Santa Clause). . but anyways, we passed by and took pictures (pic attatched) and upon entering, we asked if we could sing her a Christmas hymn. 
So we did, and we had had little luck getting in touch with her after that. But we were able to pass by her house a few weeks ago with a member. Since then we have had lessons with her and we were able to put a date for March 2nd. One of her daughters was baptized about 25 years ago, and so she understands what it means to be baptized and she is preparing. I ask that you can pray for her, so that she feels prepared. Our biggest challenge over the past few weeks/months is getting in touch with her. She is a busy lady! but we have stressed the importance of our message and the commitments we give her. 
Yes I am still in El Parque (answer to dad´s q) and I will be for at least another 4 weeks. But the mission is not known for doing changes very often-- at least during my time here. So It is pretty normal that I am still here with Hermana Salazar. But bright side of things, it has been the coolest thing to see changes in people. For example, there is a less active lady in our ward named M_____. She has three kids who are members of the church. All who live with her and are less active. It was a complete blessing to find her in the first place because we have asked so many members and we don't think they know that she exists. But anyways, she was completely against us coming by- this was in October. So over the past few months we have been visiting her. Slowly she came to warming up to us. None of the other missionaries were able to visit her, because she lives far behind a (sort-of) abandoned house, because she is single, and because she just doesn´t like people visiting her. But we have been working diligently with her. We invited her to read the Book of Mormon, something she hasn't done in over 15 years. Although we haven´t gotten her to come back to church, we invited her to do a temple tour. Hna G_____, her daughter A____, and her granddaughter are coming with us to the Temple this Wednesday. And with the challenge to read the BOM, yesterday she told us that she completed the first book of Nephi. How cool is that?!?!
Other than that we have been doing well. Yes, it is getting colder, but we are working hard. A lot of people are coming back from vacations, so it will be getting easier in the next couple of weeks. 
I have been studying a lot about our Potential to become like our Heavenly Father. It has really opened my eyes this week just how blessed we are because we have come to this Earth to come and to prove ourselves, but just with being on this Earth, we have the responsibility and privilege to be like Him already. I have studied almost all of the scriptures in the topical guide that says. - Man, Potential to become like our Heavenly Father. I have learned a lot with this scripture alone. 
Time has escaped me. I love you Dad, K, Elder B. I pray that you are doing well and that you find joy in the blessings of the Spirit this week... Especially with the Temple ;) love you

Sunday, February 9, 2014

February 3rd, John 15:1-16

Hoolllaa familia-
To start on an easy topic, (the weather) there has been a slight cool down and we have been fortunate enough to get a little bit of breeze the past few days. Yes, like I explained in my last email, there is a large group of Chileans migrating down south for the summer. But we were still able to manage teaching and finding new investigators. 
It has been a very quick week. I apologize for the lack of words, but I don´t have very much time to write this week.
One of the cool things that happened this week was that we went to visit a part member family. We hadn´t visited them in a long time due to un-interest, unresolved issues with members, etc etc... But we went by the other day to see them before they left for vacation. The pareja, J__ and E____ and their only daughter were there. We were able to visit them and learn that their daughter has been having some issues with weird paranormal occurrences. But anyways, we were able to talk to her father who is the only member in the family and explain once again the importance of the priesthood and having Christ be the center of their home. He explained to us that he wanted to come back to church with his family. We visited this family when we first got to the sector and I believe I included a photo of us painting their house a while back....
More than anything, I am excited to hear all of the news! Glad both K and dad got to take a vacation. Excited for Devin too! good looking picture. I say England. Hermana Salazar says Argentina, we will see in a few weeks. Also pretty cool that Hal and Shela came down to do a pool down here. I am not in a rich sector, but a few times I have done divisions in those areas. I can believe it! 
lol annndd... I can´t believe i missed the Snow in BR! haha 
I'm grateful for all of the news in the ward. And thank you K! I got an envelope with the story of Grandpa Everett! It was really cool to read about his conversion esp from his perspective. What an awesome man. So glad I got to know him as well. Thank you for sending :)
Alex- espero q todo este bien contigo. esto y q recibiste mi paquete. sé que estás haciendo tu parte para traer las almas al Evangelio. Trabaje con fuerza y fe Élder B! Oro por tus investigadores y para q estás bien siempre. te ammooo.
If i could give you a scripture (o más) to read this week, I would tell you to read John 15:1-16... loved it. take what you can out of it. Love you all.  

Sister Jasmine Berthelson
Chile Santiago East Mission