Sunday, February 9, 2014

February 3rd, John 15:1-16

Hoolllaa familia-
To start on an easy topic, (the weather) there has been a slight cool down and we have been fortunate enough to get a little bit of breeze the past few days. Yes, like I explained in my last email, there is a large group of Chileans migrating down south for the summer. But we were still able to manage teaching and finding new investigators. 
It has been a very quick week. I apologize for the lack of words, but I don´t have very much time to write this week.
One of the cool things that happened this week was that we went to visit a part member family. We hadn´t visited them in a long time due to un-interest, unresolved issues with members, etc etc... But we went by the other day to see them before they left for vacation. The pareja, J__ and E____ and their only daughter were there. We were able to visit them and learn that their daughter has been having some issues with weird paranormal occurrences. But anyways, we were able to talk to her father who is the only member in the family and explain once again the importance of the priesthood and having Christ be the center of their home. He explained to us that he wanted to come back to church with his family. We visited this family when we first got to the sector and I believe I included a photo of us painting their house a while back....
More than anything, I am excited to hear all of the news! Glad both K and dad got to take a vacation. Excited for Devin too! good looking picture. I say England. Hermana Salazar says Argentina, we will see in a few weeks. Also pretty cool that Hal and Shela came down to do a pool down here. I am not in a rich sector, but a few times I have done divisions in those areas. I can believe it! 
lol annndd... I can´t believe i missed the Snow in BR! haha 
I'm grateful for all of the news in the ward. And thank you K! I got an envelope with the story of Grandpa Everett! It was really cool to read about his conversion esp from his perspective. What an awesome man. So glad I got to know him as well. Thank you for sending :)
Alex- espero q todo este bien contigo. esto y q recibiste mi paquete. sé que estás haciendo tu parte para traer las almas al Evangelio. Trabaje con fuerza y fe Élder B! Oro por tus investigadores y para q estás bien siempre. te ammooo.
If i could give you a scripture (o más) to read this week, I would tell you to read John 15:1-16... loved it. take what you can out of it. Love you all.  

Sister Jasmine Berthelson
Chile Santiago East Mission

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