Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Jasmine's first email

We got our first email from Jasmine today. She made it safe to Chile and is already loving it. 
Made our day to hear her enthusiasm for being on her mission.  We love her and are proud of her. 

 ....mtc life is awesome so far. yes it is cold. feels like Christmas. lunch was a lot of rice and some stew on top. soda all the way, no water. and some apracot dessert. from the airport, the driver and i had a good convo in spanish. i have been speaking spanish like crazy. no one else knows how to talk in spanish very well. the mission pres found out and now i am with all of the natives- rooming with them. had spanish classes. talked to a guy on the plane about the gospel. i know how rex bale feels. i have no time for punctuation here. .....

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