Monday, August 26, 2013

August 26th

My favorite part of Jasmine's letter today
Not going to lie... It´s still freezing cold here, and I´m always cold but all part of the missionary experience right? ;)
One of the coolest things happened on the Metro the other day. We get around the city by metro, bus, taxi, and walking. We were going to the Capacitacion that our Bishop holds every two weeks. I prayed that morning to have be able to feel and act on the impressions of the Spirit. While we were on our way to the chapel I was standing a few people down from a man who looked like he was about 40 who kept glancing over at us. I had an impression to talk to him, so walked over to him and I asked him where he worked and where he lived. His name was Felix and he traveled about an hour to work everyday and that he worked at a hotel down the street from the temple. So I talked to him about why we were there (there were 6 of us) and told him that we were missionaries for the Church of Jesus Christ. He took out a burned disk from his backpack that read "comparison of Bible and Book of Mormon" and gave it to us. I gave him my Book of Mormon and told him it was a present from us to him, I told him to read 3rd Nephí 27 and bore my testimony that he could know for himself if he read. He had to leave before we could talk more, but the fact that he had that DVD with him gave me hope that his curiosity about the book of Mormon would be put into action through reading. The spirit made that happen.
We have healthy meals and then fanta or coke,,, and they love to feed us. The food here is seasonal. they only eat one meal a day-- lunch. and then they have once which includes small finger sandwiches pasteles and matte or ecco (warm drinks which are apparently okay here haha) We usually eat rice, potatoes, and chicken with vegetables. Every day that´s our lunch. and we have it with a member and will share a scripture.. But I DO work out every day.. maybe not as much as hno Berto, but I do. 
Last little story before I go.. yes lots of dogs. I took a pic with a dog on dad´s bday and was planning to send it to him. I´ll let you know more next week about that. Anyways, we were running late for district meeting and were literally running. A little dog caught onto my shoe while Hna Salazar and I were trying to get to the meeting on time. It was laughing- Just think of Paul Blart mall Cop :)  
It´s a blessing to share my testimony every day. 

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