Monday, September 2, 2013

Jasmine had a great email this week with several pictures.


We were talking for the past few weeks about having some of the young women come with us to help us teach so yesterday Hermana Salazar and I did divisiones con las mujeres jovenes. Soló por una hora y medio. It was fun! I took J____ (K´s fb request) and D____ out and we worked on contacting the menos activos in our ward. They thought it was a little different- for never having contacted before, I would too. We actually didn´t contact any of the menos activos, but found people on the street to have lessons with. I had each one of them bear their testimonies and invite the people we contacted to have a prayer with us. I think they liked it! I was so proud of each of them and glad they came! Hermana Salazar had two others as well. All four of them were really excited to come with us and it was great to have them be missionaries for an hour and a half. J____ is 17 and is the only active member in her family- She wanted to fb find me (karen) so I hope you responded to the request! haha She is such a sweet girl and we are really working hard to get her interested in serving a mission!
One of the highlights of this week was getting two of our menos activos to come to church with us. One of whom is Hermana G____. She is a menos activo suffering from depression. She recently went through a separation, has a son on a mission, and is in bad circumstances every time we visit. We continuously visit with her though. On sat evening we called her and asked her if she would come to church with us the next day. She said she probably wouldn´t make it, so we went to visit her. That evening we bore our testimony about the power of fasting and how she needed to come to church. She did, and yesterday, she gave one of the most incredible testimonies I´d ever heard. It was so sweet and simple. She talked about the importance of having a testimony of Jesus Christ. I was so grateful for that experience.
I attatched a few pics. Me at the temple, hermana S and I eating our first empanada (they are amazing!!) I took a pic with a dog on dads bday. We call him "mike" because he has tiger stripes. a view from our apt, ... 
But all I can say is that I am blessed. we are blessed. And I am grateful to see the Lord´s hand in all things.


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