Wednesday, October 9, 2013

General Conference Weekend

We had been working as hard as we could to invite members and non-members to the conference this weekend. It was truely a blessing to listen to President Monson, the Presidency, Apostles, 70, and chosen counsel to speak to us. Unfortunately, we didn´t have too much success bringing people, but wow.... What an incredible blessing it was to listen to each one of them. Truely inspíred representatives of the Lord. I hope you all were able to watch or listen with spiritual ears to understand the counsel to receive personal revelation. I was really grateful (yep, thank you K) for the prayers on behalf of the missionaries, and YES! One year ago, how cool to hear the growth of all of the Missionaries too! I know there are even more preparing (even in our ward) to leave. There was a call to the members as well. Know/hope you are doing your part. I come to realize every day that I am teaching Children of God. all with different backgrounds, lifestyles, challenges, strengths, and weaknesses. Yep we are among our brothers and sisters and it should never be difficult to extend an offer or help. We might have to go out of our way to do so, but the blessings of being a missionary don´t only apply to missionaries, but to everyone who gives of themselves on behalf of another. As these months have taught, life is a precious gift. I was thinking of my family a lot during conference this year :)

Hna Salazar and I have been working hard on extending baptismal invitations as well this week. There is an old woman named M________. We contacted her on the street, had a lesson, and we have a bap date for Nov 16th! Okay, we don´t know how this is all going to work out between now and the 16th, but we are hoping and praying that she will be willing to keep committments and take up our invitations we´re extending to read scriptures, go to church. She lives with her brother, and with her old age, has a lot of health problems. But she is still livin and rockin! She is super sweet. We were also priveledged to have a conference with our Mission President and his wife! It was wonderful, and we were taught to keep our head up even in the difficult situations we might be faced with in the Mission. We also learned Elder Holland  will be coming to Santiago on the 15th of November to address us!!! So cool! I´m so excited for when he comes!

We have also worked a lot with our "menos activos". Harder than I thought but we love them. It´s always interesting to hear how or why people leave the church. And for the most part it´s a lot more complex than we might think. It´s so important to reach out farther to those who might not have that solid testimony because what is so true is when you have a friend in the church, you have a lot. And unfortunately we might be able to afford a family "friendship" for 6 weeks, but the members have a big responsibility as well. I feel like I am challenging my parents to do a lot here. But truely!! The work extends farther than the missionary plaque!
Choose the right! 
Chao po

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