Tuesday, October 1, 2013

September 30

It has been a pretty good week here! At the same time, not so much. As far as lessons go, it has been a little difficult with investigators and getting lessons in, but we have had a lot more success with our menos activos this past week. 
Although we do have an investigator named M____. She is 70 yrs old and we invited her to be baptized. She said yes! She had been taught by the Elders many years ago, and we are continuing to teach her. The reason she was not baptized before was because she felt like she wasn´t ready. And she is going through a divorce right now which now she feels like that is holding her back again. We are continuing to teach her about the Gospel and the need to be baptized and to not be afraid to make covenants with God. We are continually praying for her and are hoping for a baptismal service on the 4th of Nov. 

I have started a journal specifically for the Book of Mormon. It is really incredible. I am learning to apply scripture, and to look at the details. Nephi 19:23. That and we have General Conference coming up! I hope y´all are preparing for it.

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