Monday, January 27, 2014

Alma 43:9

Familia- So we didn´t have transfers. In fact, very few missionaries had transfers and so I am still in El Parque for the time being with Hermana Salazar. The work is moving verrry slowly. We are still working with R____, but we are figuring out how to start on a clean slate. There wasn´t a lot going on this week but we had a pretty cool activity with the youth in our ward. We have what are called Farrias which are the flea markets that are set up by workers. Since one of the families in our ward works in the Ferria (which is located directly outside of our chapel) we were able to set up a table and have the youth help us contact people. The youth also made giant Book of Mormon/Bible replicas. They had a really cool experience with a lady that they contacted. They were able to go to her house and invite her 12 year-old grand-daughter to attend church! Unfortunately, this time of the year everyone is going on vacations. So there haven´t been a lot of people to teach this week, and we hear that February is worse. It is very hot and everyone is leaving Santiago. 
We have started teaching a man named R_______. He is awesome! He was a contact we made while trying to call to someone else. We left him to read a chapter in the Book of Mormon last week and we passed by again this week to find that he read and really loves the Book of Mormon! The only problem we have is that he lives alone and we can´t enter unless another Hermana is with us. I´m super excited to work with him.
I hope you like the píctures! A couple from the Ferria, one of me and Hermana Ekins with "beignets", another with me and a Charungo (guitar of Chile), and our District.

I have been reading a lot in Alma.. the war chapters. We were able to have a good lesson with a less-active couple about this verse. It is super important to protect the things we have that are important to us. If we value something, we protect it. These chapters apply to us as well. It is also important to protect our beliefs and to use our testimony as a shield. I also love D&C 93 and am glad K attatched it in her email. The Glory of God really is intellegence. It is also the chapter in which we learn what truth means. And yes, I am excited to go to the dentist for my check up next year! Dad, thank you for the email about temporal and spiritual assistance. Our Mission is hard. There have only been a handful of Baptisms in our Zone with all of the time I have been here. It´s hard with the customs in Chile. But we have been blessed to be able to work with a lot of Menos Activos- a ton. It is always a blessing being in the Service of the Lord. 
Not much else- Hoping for a good week. I haven´t been hit by the sun too hard, although I do have a pretty nice tan ;)
Love you!

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