Monday, December 8, 2014

4th Nephi 3

My week has been pretty exciting!! We are doing a lot with the video  "Él es la Dádiva" and we have been assigned to show and keep a count of what is happening with the results of it. I tear up every time I watch it. 
Looking back on this week, it has just been a phenomenal one :) We put a baptismal date with M___ M____l. She will be baptized on the 21st. We had originally had it scheduled in September, but like all of our investigators and one point or another, we can´t find them. She had left for a long time to be with her daughter. A lot of Chilenos have depression and M_____ is one of them. She does the best she can to manage it and we have to teach her really slowly and carefully like a little kid. She is actually a lot better and she is excited to be baptized on the 21st! We are doing something really special on that day.- it will be called a "White Christmas" and we are going to have a baptismal service for the zone with their investigators on that day with us doing a choir number and everything. 
We have another investigator that I have mentioned. R_____--- he is absolutely awesome :) he is reading the Book of Mormon that we gave to him (in English) and says that he has good feelings every time he reads it. I will try and send a picture next week. He dresses in black and looks like a hard core rocker.. He came to church for the first time yesterday dressed in black, but he said he felt great after and that he wanted to make changes in his life..funny story is that we actually contacted his cousin, F____ this week too. We had a lesson with his cousin who we were going to teach for the first time and his mom was there. Apparently his mom was baptized over 20 years ago and we didn't know it until we got to the house. During the lesson, R_____ walks in. The story is crazy and I will have to explain some other time how we met R_____, but we are teaching a part-member family!
This scripture  really touched me this week, I don't know why, but I really love it. 
I am thankful for this time of the year. It is only hitting me now that once the new year starts, I won't be in Chile. I shared my testimony for the last time yesterday. It will be hard, but I am grateful that the mission has strengthened my testimony. Thanks for everything you guys. Have a great week.

4th Nephi 1:3

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