Monday, September 23, 2013

September 23

 It has been a good week!! nothing really to report. Honestly, it has been a really slow week. I thought it was fun to see everyone getting ready for the holidays, but for us it was miserable. It is mandatory that the people here get the 18th, 19th, 20th off for the holidays and then the weekends were horrible too. It was like a ghost town. There wern´t even people in the streets. So it was a pretty sad week as far as citas go. 
One of the highlights of the week was that one of the members of the 70 came to talk to us at our zone conference. Elder Ceballos de la setenta.- it was incredibly motivating and It was a nice experience to hear from Him. He talked about the obra missional y the need to have a desire to work hard. We had also been practicing for a fireside for all of the returned missionaries in our stake. "Called to serve" (llamados al servir) which we have been singing non-stop for the past week. 

(this isn't Hermana B but it is the song she is referring to, it is in Spanish and it is in her beloved country of Chile, so I felt appropriate to share)
One experience happened this past Saturday- We were walking to the church building, and on the last street that we turned on, a lady opened the gate and literally fell into my arms. She was an old larger lady too. She was sobbing on my shoulder saying that her heart hurt and that she needed to go to the hospital. Meanwhile, Hermana Salazar was trying to call a taxi for her, and the daughter of the lady was just watching while all of this was going on. She was crying and saying prayers and asking God to forgive her. Apparently she had been drinking and had a bad heart condition and while this was going on I was trying to calm her down. The taxi came and her daughter (who was about 30) refused to take her to the hospital, so Hna Salazar and I took her. The taxi driver was driving like a madman and we were trying to keep the lady concious the whole time. So we got her to the hospital and made sure she was okay, dropped her off, and then we left... We´ve been praying for her. Pretty crazy though. 

One of my new favorite scriptures is Hebrew 12:1.  
We don´t need the extra burden of sin when we already have a cross to bear. And then we must remember that with patience, we will win the race. We can do all things Only with the help of the Lord.

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