Monday, May 19, 2014

May 19th

Woah, i had no idea that grandma and grandpa came to visit. Nor the Rackham's. I bet its been a fun-filled few days with lots of laughs. And lots of Solitaire. And with the hot weather, I can believe that grandma is out by the pool everyday. 

To make a long week short, we have just been having lessons with people, contact, walk, walk in the cold. There isn't a whole lot of excitement here. Not much sizzle right now. We eat a lot here. I am up to my throat in a soupy-dish here called Casuela. It is a soup with big pieces of meat, and a ton of Vegetables. Pretty bland, but it is a typical dish in Chile. hahah the member LOVE to feed us Casuela. 
As far as people that we are teaching, there aren´t too many. We had a family home evening with the ward on Tuesday to get ready for our Ward conference. We watched the Because of Him Video that Karen was talking about a few months ago. It was very much improved by us because the members that had assignments didn't fulfill, but it worked out in the end. 
We are teaching a kid named N___.......

Other than that there are a lot of people with problems. And not much else because they don't want to listen to our solution. And we keep visiting them. Haven't lost hope! They will accept the gospel someday :)
Please pray for me and my companion. Not much else is happening we will see this week though. 
Elder B- yo follo portuguese :) naaaa keep working hard! proud of you!
I did get my lucky charms package!!! I love lucky charms thank you!!! 
Beware of the rattlesnakes! 
mucho cariño

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