Monday, May 5, 2014

May 5th

Hey Famm
Sí! feliz cinco de mayo. Nadie se lo celebra aquí, pero asi lo es. Hope you were able to eat tacos, burritos, drink lemoñade, etc. This week has been a little crazy. There are days with absolutley nothing, and days with a lot going on. Hey- Guess who came to visit? One Direction... We were practically at the concert with everything that happend there where a lot of fireworks and the few YW that are in our ward all went. tons of fireworks we had a pretty good week.

 A lot of contacting more than anything and we are working harder to ask for references from everyone.  One cool experience- we noticed a hurse coming out of an apartment building parking lot a couple of weeks ago as we were going to have lunch with a member. We asked the members if they knew the person who passed away, and they told us yes, not that they knew them very well, but that they knew them. We ended up contacting a person who lived in the same apt building as the family with the person who passed away. we went with a member to visit this contact that we had after our first plan failed. the plan de respaldo also fell through, but we contacted a woman in this apt buildng- at first the woman was pretty stubborn and didn't want to hear us, but the member who came with us has so much excitement for the obra misional. She pretty much gave lesson 1,2, and 3 to this lady who didn't want to hear us. But her heart completely changed in the end. She told us that her mom had passed away. the daughter of the lady who passed away just a week earlier. Although she didn't accept our invite to teach her or for her to come to church, we had a great lesson with the member who came with us and the member bore her testimony. I was very impressed and grateful for this member who was so persistent in sharing the Gospel with this woman who is a great example to me. A lot more has happened this week. Not too many progressing, but incentive to find more people to teach. 
I received good news from my old sector. that A____ had her baby and that J_____ that i have mentioned in a few letters came to church with all of his family. He has pretty much been attending alone for the past 6 months. hermana salazaar told me the good news today, :)) I am so happy for this. 

I wish I had a bit more to tell you. time always escapes me, but hey I will talk to you all on sunday hopefully. 
I am grateful for so much... and although the results don't always follow, I know that everything works out in the end and that Heavenly Father knows what is best. I am here to do my best, and to share what i know and believe. I love you guys. 
Yes if you can i would be so grateful to receive something warm. I am planning on buying more warm clothes. Depends on our pdays but in the next few weeks. ....... I love them so much :) 
cool to hear congrats to ELDER CLARK! and to the new bishop lol!!!!! how cool
ELDER B. such good news i will be praying for ____ as well cool with your ward in prov. how awesome is that?? 
a few good views fromm my apt and our faithful Menos Act hno Cofree. Very stylish. 
have a good week i will talk to you sunday!!!!!

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