Monday, September 9, 2013

2nd week in September

Another family that we are teaching that is truly a miracle- A Peruvian (sp?) family of 3. They were a reference from the Elders before us. They live in the same apartment building as us and It was so humbling to go inside. They don´t really have much but they are an AWESOME family. We were talking to the daughter and mom (L____ 15 and Y___) for a while and just as we were about to leave the dad (Willie) came in. It´s not something that I can completely describe, but I could feel something different when he came into the room. It´s so hard to find a complete family and he right away told us that he wanted to be more family oriented. He said he wanted to start going to church with his family. We are going to bring up baptism in our next appointment on Wednesday. I will let you know how it goes.
It´s certainly crazy around here! Independence day is on the 18th. All of Chile is getting ready. Cueca-ing. It´s actually really cool. All of the town is playing "cueca" music. In fact, I´m listening to it right now. Everyone is preparing.
I always get a little emotional when I end these emails. Not because I miss you, (well of course I do) but for the reason that I wish you all could feel what I´m feeling and know what I´m experiencing.  I know emails just aren´t the same. This Gospel is perfect and words just don´t justify. I love it everyday. I meet crazy people, and have had great experiences But I could never explain in words just how wonderful it is to be here sharing the Gospel.

Chao Po

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