Monday, September 23, 2013

September 16

It has been a fun week though (and by that I mean we have been working hard) first, the weather started out great.. until it turned freezing. Again, I am always cold, but all part of the mission experience haha-ç
We have been working with a list of potential investigators. Our little Peruvian family of three wasnt there this week and We didn´t get to visit with them Overall, it has been a week of ups and downs. We have been finding new people to teach, but at the same time, our progressing investigators have been out of town, busy, etc etc... Becuase of 18, everyone is out of town or leaving. Chile has a full week of no school, no work. Entonces, we have been outside a lot trying to contact. And so, this week will definitly be the same, if not worse.
We do have a part-member family and I don´t know if I have mentioned them or not, But their names are J___, E____ and A___. They are awesome! I think I mentioned them in one of my emails from last week or the week before, but we are trying to teach them and do service for them. They are absolutely a wonderful family. It is different here in chile because no one wants to get married.. so The grandparents are not married, their son (J___) and his polola (gf) are not married they have another son who lives with them and his polola who are not married. Basically a whole family who are not married who are all living in the same house. It´s a little funny, but just the lifestyle. So it is a challenge but they LOVE the missionaries. A few nights ago, we went over and they made us sushi (suchi in cast/esp) It was great because we had a lesson with the grandparents who would never sit in and listen to the Elders before. Blessings blessings blessings!
What more... I was called out to give a talk in Sacrament meeting yestereday. It was un poco chistoso porque el obispo recibó "the little kid step" so people could see me over the pulpit. I was prepared though, becuase I had my notebook with my personal study notes. I also used my basketball analogy again haha. But it was good from what people told me. I explained the importance of perservering now. How we "practiced and prepared" before we came to Earth, and how we need to live what we believe and use the Atonement of Jesus Christ. I can´t emphasize it enough. We need to use the atonement EVERY DAY! 
I try to live a little bit better than the day before. I am really learning .. well the past 2 months, that I lacked a lot of patience and love and I am trying my hardest to change. But I think that everyone can do a little better. The atonement is real!
We had a stake celebration the other day. Cueca, emenadas, muchas personas.. the guy in the blue is our Bishop LLancoñanco btw. the dancers are a lady in my ward n her daughter. also a pic of Hermana Salazar and me making sushi

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