Tuesday, November 12, 2013

1Nephi 8:10-12

Hola Familia-
Thank you for all of your emails. It was a great week! Maybe a little slow, but fun none-the-less.for my bday 
We had brownies and Ice cream for breakfast and We also had zone conference on my birthday,, and I got a General Conference Package to open! Thank you for sending my favorite candy! I love me some M&Ms! And it was fun to see the pictures. We had cake at the Bishop´s house too. But that was about it.. the rest of the week was work. I really wish I had more to tell you. A lot of Ups and downs this week as far as investigators go. I dont know if I told you about our investigators E____ and E___. A mother and a daughter. They are awesome... progressing slowly but are doing really well! E____ came with us to church yesterday which was a big step for her. We´ve been trying to get her to come for about a month now. She is so sweet and they love animals! 
I will take a picture of the Giant tortious (sorry I cant spell) they have. I was telling them what we eat in Louisiana, I mentioned alligator, and turtle, and she reaches for the ground and pics up a big the big turtle! and of course I ask to hold it and am playing with it.. and right as she was telling me that it likes to pee on "guests" it goes all over me. Haha.. They also have a cage of about 30 birds. crazy lol 
I have been studying Lehi´s dream this week. Picking it a part really. I have come up with some interesting things I hadn´t thought of before. Did you ever notice that it says holding to the end of the rod of iron? We can´t start in the middle and expect to get to the tree. We must start from the beginning. From the basic doctrines of the Gospel starting with Faith. Also The "vapor de tinieblas" will affect everyone who wants to partake of the sweet fruit that the tree has to offer. It´s not always easy to get reach that Love of God, in reality, it will be difficult, but I know that eating of the sweet fruit will be so much sweeter when we endure the difficult journey it takes to reach The tree. It will be worth it when we "hold fast"
(for more on the dream that Hermana B is referring to, here are two great talks that discuss in more detail: 
Love you!

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