Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Alma 34:15 - October 28

Alma 34:15


I love this time of the year too. It is a little different because it is getting warmer. I associate this time of the year with the crisp weather. And we are starting to walk in the heat although some days are better than others. They do celebrate Halloween here. Actually the US is a big influence on Chile so Halloween is not huge, but the whole weekend is a Feriado, so no one will be working. Chilleans just like to party.
This week has been really trying. A really good week with a lot of appointments, but also with the adversary. I don´t have too much time to go into the details, But two of our really good investigators, a mom and her son told us not to come back. One of the most spiritual lessons we had ever had where the mom was in tears with how strong the Spirit was. But in the end, she said she couldn´t believe it and politely told us to leave. On the other hand, we had a family reference. They are amazing!! Y_____, M___, M____, and J____.  
M and M came to church with us yesterday. They are absolutely incredible and accepted the invitation to be baptized. I don´t want to say anything too soon, but keep them in your prayers please!
We also had a lesson with one of our our investigators, M___.. I don´t remember if I mentioned her, but we had a lesson about the WOW with her and her friend M____ who have a problem with drinking tea. Ecco is really big here. It´s like a substitute for coffee, so we gifted them two containers of Ecco... and then took all of their tea home with us. M____ is crazy! shes the one in the middle. And she loves to talk about how important it is to keep the Commandments... although she has a problem with dia de reposo. (day of rest) I don´t know how many lessons we have had about keeping the Sabbath day Holy and going to church, but she is progressing slowly. 

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