Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Lucas 4:18 - October 14

Jasmine likes to put a scripture as her subject.

Lucas 4:18

Recibì buenas noticias de cada persona!! Primero, Muchisimas gracias porque recibì un sobre de fotos! Ahora, tengo fotos para mostrar las familias en mi Barrio. Jaja papi, no sè porque todos quiere ser amigos con la Karen. Ella es bakan, eso es la unica cosa que puedo pensar en. (Bakan=cool jaja). Eso es bueno que puede traducir! Y lo fue bueno para leer las noticias del misioneros de North Canyon! Muchas estorias de los misioneros.
I received good news everyone ! First, Thank you so much because I received an envelope of photos! Now , I have pictures to show families in my neighborhood . Haha daddy , I know no because everyone wants to be friends with Karen . She is bakan , that's the only thing I can think of. ( Bakan = cool haha). That is good which can translate! And it was good to read the news of the missionaries from North Canyon ! Many estorias of missionaries.

(A few of Hermana Berthelson's ward friends have facebook friend requested me - this way they can see pics of Hermana B - this is what she is referring to in her email)

Segùn a la Hermana Salazar, tuvimos èxito con nuestros menos activos. Tuvimos 3 menos activos asistir por la primera vez! Nos enfocamos en los menos activos este semana, entonces tuvimos esta bendicion. Una de las menos activos se llama Y_____. Fue bakan por que ella vive con su mamà (menos activa) y su hermana menor que tiene 16 años. En principio, enseñamos Yanina solà, pero un noche su mamà vino porque estaba curiosa y su hermana tambièn. Yanina nos dijò que quieria servir una misiòn! Ella tiene 21 años y queiremos invitarle a venir con nosotras.
According to Sister Salazar , we were successful with our less active. Less active had 3 attend for the first time! We focus on the less active this week, then we had this blessing . One of the less active is called Y___ . Bakan was that she lives with her mamà ( less active ) and her younger sister who is 16. In principle , Y_____ solà teach , but one night his mamà came because I was curious and sister too. Y____ quieria told us serve a mission! She is 21 and queiremos invite you to come with us.

Other than that we are working with the same people. We really have been able to see the small success of the past 9 weeks here. It is really hard. Partially because we haven´t been able to see much success as far as numbers go. We keep inviting and inviting people to come to the church, but it is a standstill. Conference was awesome because I feel that we were lacking support from the members. But we are trying to overcome these barriers as well. So I wish there was more that I could tell you yáll. I am always happy to get emails from my family on Mondays. I am glad everyone is doing well. I have been studying a lot from conference as well in my personal study. I recently studied the one from Edward Dube about the plough. If we have our ploughs and look back, we might not be able to receive the rich blessings that come from moving forward in a straight line aligning ourselves with the Savior and His will. The power of the Atonement is real. I can testify of that. I pray that y`all have an awesome week!! Love you lotsss!!!! 

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