Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Doctrine and Covenants 123:16, November 4th

Doctrine and Covenants 123:16

Absolutely nothing has really happened this week... haha. Chile had another Feriado (holiday)- 4 days of no one working. I thought at first it was because of Halloween, but there is another Evangelico holiday which is also on Oct 31st so all of the Chilenos tienen dias libres 4 days without work makes for a lot of no one in the streets, or no one who wants to receive us, very very very boring

 One of the cool experiences that happened this week was with a lady who we contacted a while ago. Her name is E____ and she has a daughter named E____ who is about 23 and both of them are reading the Book of Mormon. I can´t remember if I mentioned them in one of my prior letters but they are both interested in taking lessons. We had an ex-misionaro help us with one of our lessons which really helped them last week, but this past week, we couldn´t get ahold of him and Hermana Salazar and I went by ourselves. When we came, they both told us that they didn´t want to continue to take the lessons. From that point, we didn´t really know how to take it. They both are incredible, they both read, but I guess prayer and faith are what they are lacking at the moment. They are also scared to leave the house to go to church for family problems. But our lesson was powerful and we explained clearly and simply what it meant to have faith. We talked about Alma 32 and shared our testimonies about acting on faith as long as we are dilligent and patient. They have agreed to let us return which is good news! 

I don´t know why I subject my letters in scriptures, but they are just scriptures that I have had on my mind this week. We always share a scripture with the members with whom we eat lunch with- I chose this scripture to share with this family in particular especially on the subject of missionary work. The Mom took it like I would expect in a sense of by small and simple things are great things brought to pass... the dad however told us that a small "timón" couldn´t move a large ship. And that is why I love the scriptures. We can all interperate them differently and our different viewpoints are all right. They are especially meaningful if we act of these things. On the subject of missionary work, they are both right. By our small efforts, we can see blessings of missionary work- but we can´t do it alone. One of the most challenging struggles has been to get the ward involved with Missionary efforts. It´s a tough mission, especially in our area, but I know that I am here in my area "el Parque" for a reason and I have grown to love the area, even though most of the time it doesn´t love me back. But I count my blessings and Hermana Salazar and I are constantly reevaluating to try and find small successes in our every day work as Missionaries, As always I hope you are doing your part en la obra misional.  

Also glad that my impala still has a picture of Christ to give it some character.

Thank you also for the Feliz Cumpleaños as well. I am celebrating by working this year... and my belated birthday gift might be Elder Holland next week. What a privilege it is to hear the Lord´s Servant-

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