Monday, December 2, 2013

1 Nephi 13:37, November 25th

Hola Familia!!
Everyone thinks that all my parents do is vacation.... Haha! My companion asks every week where you guys are now. It is awesome to hear that everyone is doing well!! How cool that you were able to visit the Woodridge ward and see everyone again. And well done with the Sacrament snacks. The Primary children in our ward had their primary program this past Sunday! It was so cute! All of the children in our ward participated. We had a few investigators and some Less-actives attend. It was a reallly cool experience for everyone!! Of course I thought of Karen who loves the Primary Program. 
This week has been a little slow... Some of the most progress with some of our Investigators though! In specific, our two investigators, E___ and E_____ are progressing, and although it has been hard to put a baptisimal date with them, we are really growing to love their family. We had a "Bop-It" competition with them this past week. I hadn´t seen Bop-it in years. And I am a little out of practice- and it was in Spanish. But fun none-the-less. I will try and attatch a photo this next week of them. They are so sweet. Another one of our investigators, M_____, is in the pic that I attatched. The first week in the sector, we contacted her. She is always sitting outside on the benches, So we went over to try and talk to her. She turned to us and started yelling at us and yelling "SOY CATOLICA SOY CATOLICA". I had no clue what she was saying, but Hermana Salazar told me that she was cursing us out. And since then, she would always turn away when we walked by. We learned that she did that to a lot of people. But then one day, she totally turned around and invited us in. For about a month now, we have been teaching her. She has a hard time learning and understanding, but she loves us now. She is the sweetest lady to us and to everyone else. It just took time and we keep her company because she lives alone. She is so sweet, and was one of the investigators that we brought to church- Everyone said that it was a miricle that we got her to come to our ward, she is that well known. But she was greeting everyone on Sunday and it was a really cool experience. 
The Familia T_____ moved this past week. This was the Menos Activa familia that didn´t want us to come at first, but that we were having lessons with. We had our last FHE this past Monday, but they are transferring records and we hope that the Missionaries and ward members will visit them in their new home. 

I dont know if I have ever shared this with my family, but my favorite scripture is in 1 Nephi 13:37. Until we participate with the Obra Missional, we will never comprehend the joy we will receive. By the gift and power of the Holy Ghost, we will make our message of gran gozo (great joy) known. Its not easy, nor will it ever be easy. pero vale la pena (but worth it)
We won't understand the difference we have made in the lives of others until this life is over. 
Les amo y quiero que Uds estén bien esta semana. No tenemos un "Thanksgiving" pero estoy agradecida por una familia que es fuerte en el Evangelio y quiere hacer todo lo posible para compartir este gozo con los demás. (Not have a "Thanksgiving" but I am thankful for a family that is strong in the gospel and wants to do everything possible to share this joy with others)
.Make sure you tell everyone I love them this Thanksgiving. Such a blessing you get to reunite with everyone once again. 
Chao po,

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