Monday, December 2, 2013

2 Nefi 31:3, December 2nd

Hola familia- Seems like you all had a great week! Love all of the pics of you guys! Especially getting to visit with everyone in Chicago for Thanksgiving. Like I said in my previous letter, my comp asks where my padres are this week? 
We had a lot going on this week. But Some of the coolest moments. We have been pushing (with love) E____ and E_____ who have fasted and prayed with us yesterday for an answer about baptism. They came to church yesterday, but we are still not sure how they are feeling about it, how they are doing, etc. We have also had a member who has been coming to church with us two Sundays in a row now. Like M_____, we tried contacting her and had had bad luck. Within our first few weeks in El Parque, we tried contacting her with little success. She sits in the park within our sector and always tries to avoid us coming by. About two months ago, we found her in front of her house, started up a conversation, and asked if we could come and help her with her house. We promptly had a date to go and help her paint the inside of her house. We also started teaching her.
Yesterday we passed by to get R___ and M_____ to walk with them to the church building.  When we got to the house of M____, there was no answer. We thought that she had been sleeping or went to the faria (our large flea markets in Chile) so we went to the church. And when we got there, the members told us that there was a surprise for us in the chapel. M____ had gotten there an hour early and was waiting for us and had gotten to know a few of the members! It was so special to see her very much done up and ready for church. Later on yesterday, we invited R___ to come to M____'s apartment. M____ doesn´t get many visitors in her home. But we were able to teach a lesson to the both of them and both R_____ and Marlene have become good friends. It was so hard not to cry yesterday with them both sitting there saying that they could feel the joy of what we were teaching them. an awesome experience. 
I know that the Gospel is very simple. It should be explained simply and clearly. It is a message of love and joy that gives hope to those of whom we share it with. I have been reflecting on this scripture this week a lot.  2 Nephi 31:3 The Gospel is a simple message of Jesus Christ who prepared a way for us to live with our Heavenly Father again. I love you guys and hope all is well this week

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