Tuesday, December 17, 2013

2Nefi 31:20, 21

Hola familia!
We had a pretty full week with Zone Conferences, Cambios (changes), Christmas Devotionals, Re-Elections, etc etc. I will let you know that we did not have cambios. I am still serving in El Parque and I am with Hermana Salazar. 
The best news I have for this week is that we have a new investigator named R___. We met her taking a picture of her Christmas decorations outside her house. She put up a life-size Santa climbing to the rooftop. Pretty cool, we contacted her and taught her then and there. She is so sweet and full of energy
We were also able to attend the Christmas Devotional at the Temple, and yes, Elder Archuletta was there. It was really cool and we were able to go with our other R____, our investigator. She loved it! They had a few singers perform and Elder Zeballos (who came in Sept) was able to give a short talk. You can watch the devotional from last year on Youtube (k and dad) they had a few of the same singers and songs. 
(Editor's note - I posted this as a separate post in her blog)

I was really grateful to get both of your emails this week. Congratulations to Shelby! She is glowing in the pictures you took. Congratulations to Devin as well! Very exciting. And I am sorry to hear about Gordon Meier. I know he was a good family friend. Keep up the missionary work, .....! I'm glad you are helping him out a bit and will get to take him to the temple! and dad, put up the Christmas lights, por favor. 
I am hoping that Hermana Salazar gets to email you this week, I asked her to email something for you guys! We also are continuing the tradition of making cookies for others. Members and investigators. It was Hermana Salazar´s first time making cookies! I told her that we hardly ever go without cookies or treats at our house. We are planning to make small plates for our members and investigators because right now they need a lot of love. 
I have not received anything yet. The last thing i received were the conference quotes and the letter from sister Moser. I love her so much! Please tell her thank you and that I love her. It was perfect and was just what i needed that day. Tell Reta Rae thank you for the scarf as well, it is so pretty! I cant remember if I told you I received it but I received that and the photos a few weeks ago.
I love these scriptures. 
I have been studying a lot about being steadfast in moving forward. And moving forward in hope and love. I believe this was a mutual theme about ten years ago. More than anything, the word steadfast. How important it is to keep our mind steadfast and to not falter. If we do what this scripture says, we will in fact have Eternal life. 
I love you and hope that you are all doing well these weeks leading up to Christmas. I am so grateful for you guys, your service and your Christ-like examples. 
The photos are of me, Hermana Salazar and R____ waiting for the Christmas devotional, David Archuleta, the 4 of us with a tree in our apartment building, and Eduardo, my 12 year old friend in the neighborhood. (I think of Nacho Libre every time i see him)

Turtle de E___ and E____.. in other pic. E___, E____, and her mom M____ on couch. M next to Hermana Salazar, cookies and the devotional

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