Tuesday, January 21, 2014

1 Nefi 17:15

Hola Familia-
This week has been a little crazy! Sounds like like it was fun on the other end of the world haha.  I know K and Dad had a fun time according to the letters! Glad you were able to visit the Temple w the Hathaways! Makes me miss Louisiana just a little! But.... I was able to have a kind of beignet this week that some of the members made for us. Doesn´t have the powdered sugar, so it´s not the same. One of the blessed discoveries of Chile is a topping called Manjar! It is like a thick caramel but 50x more delicious. I have decided that when I come back home, I am going to make beignets and bring manjar with me. Not healthy at all, but super good. Hermana Salazar and I decided to make a dinner for one of our members, K____ O____ this week. Enchiladas! It was delicious. I even made mexican salsa. Gracias a los 3 días en Mexico! Unfortunately, I stink at picking out avacado, so yep. The guac turned into salsa. 
I have come to find that a lot of our small encounters have turned into giant blessings looking back- We were contacting a just a month ago we found a 17 yr old boy, J_____, who had just moved into our sector. He had mentioned that he was a convert along with his mom and sister- all of which had been less-actives for the past couple of years. We had told the Bishop and YM presidency about him and we were able to visit him a few times. There was EFY this week where all of the youth in our ward went and the day before, the Bishop was able to visit him. The Bishop pretty much told him he had no choice and he had to go (especially since it was his last year). So all of the youth were able to go. They came back and bore their testimonies on Sunday. His was especially cool to hear. We heard that he wants to and is going to start preparing to serve a mission. 
A few of the Young women have decided to as well. K´s fb friend J____ has decided to go and I am sooooo happy for her! She is the only member of her family with little support. Please pray for her! We have also had a lot of success with our Menos Activos. We have challenged pretty much all of them to read the Book of Mormon. We printed off sheets for them to fill out, and we have seen progress with a few of our families. 

My scripture this week above is one that I could fully put into application for the mission. Just to be obedient in keeping the commandments. You can´t make anyone do the same, but you can encourage them to be faithful and diligent. My companion has helped me put into perspective Article of Faith number 11 as well. That we are not here to judge another´s relationship with our Heavenly Father and that We are blessed to help people come unto Christ how they choose to. 
Other things of this week?.. R____ invited us to her birthday party. With M____ A____ from Peru and J____ who is diligent in feeding all of the blind dogs in the park. Hilarious, but there are many stories of her. There was also this dog that followed all throughout our sector one night and i was feeding him the cappucino cookies we received from a MA. 

The other pic is a few of the hermanas on p-day. 
I received a package!...... love the headbands and pens .. etc! esp the light up one. I am constantly trying to finish writing in my journal every night before the lights go off. ....... we have cambios (changes) at the end of the week, so we will see what changes. ..... Love you lots!!!!!! have a great week!

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