Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Words of Mormon 1:7

Hola Familia
First, I want to tell K, FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS!!! I hope it was wonderful and that you could enjoy it a little. We celebrated it over here by having a lot of lessons with Menos Activos haha. Second (which is directed towards K) Hermana Ekins -from the other companionship- wants to go to your Tech party. She is from Missouri, and wants to be your friend but I have told many stories of KJB and everyone wants to know you, K. 
We celebrated New Years at the Bishop´s house up until 10:30. We also watched Fireworks up until 12 from our balcony. We are still teaching Rosa, but it has been hard because she hasn´t been reading the Book of Mormon. We were able to have a lesson with her and the Bishop´s family where she could really feel the Spirit. And a few days later had a lesson on Baptism with little results. Ugh... stressful. 
But with this and said scripture above, Both Hermana Salazar and I can say that we are at work in the Lord´s timing. We are doing what we can, and with that we can always do better. It feels like a matter of trial and error right now, but we can really have joy in the positive miracles that each day brings us despite what might seem like hardships. 
There hasn´t been a lot happening other than that. A few new investigators with lessons, and we were able to have a couple FHE´s with the families in our ward this week. Haha, sorry I will try to have more news next week. 
BUT... I was able to just read Elder Berthelson´s letter.. That is awesome!!!! Wow- the Holy Ghost will just work with people and am glad for that example of following the promptings of the Spirit. It is really incredible what the Spirit can accomplish if we are willing to listen and act. How cool, AB such an exciting time for B_____ and keep working with him! :) Thank you K, Dad, and Alex for the letters. It is cool to hear of what is going on. I like the news about what is going down in B Rouge aha.. enjoy going to the temple with the Hathaways. Also was really glad for the message K sent about cousin Leona. Very cool what blessings can do. With a last thought, like they said in conference, I challenge/ask that if you already aren´t doing it, ask about the investigators from the missionaries in our ward and pray for them BY NAME. And be their friend on Sunday when they come to church. Put the face to the name. Lots of love! have a great week!

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