Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Doctrine and Covenants 76:10, March 10th

Wow!!! How cool, I LOVE the letters and the events and everything that is going on back home. Sounds like everyone is doing well, Que Bakan that dad and K were able to meet Abuelita! Jajajaja. I can imagine that it was quite the reunion to meet her. I can also see her having her screensaver be a pic of my lil bro. It is hard not to fall in love with his personality and handsome charm, ha! & Congrats to (Elder) Richardson. It really is a small world!!! K- I am grateful for temples, too. The PHX temple is really making progress! Maybe I (and Elder B) will be home for the dedication? and thank you dad and k for the package! excited to receive it!!!
There isn´t much to report this week. Not too much has happened. One awesome thing is that we have been visiting a less active family, familia Y____, since we came to el Parque. The family has had a lot of problems within the last year or so where the dad had stopped going to church, and we have seen the decline in his wife and his two daughters in coming to church. We have been persistant in having the dad bring his family to church, and he finally did this past Sunday! He was also able to have an interview with the Bishop.- This family is so wonderful, so it was wonderful wonderful to see their family come back to church!
One of my favorite things to study, read, and understand include the mysteries of Godliness. The temple is the place where we can learn and understand more of this topic. We learn who we really are in the temple, who we were and who we can become. It is our relationship with our Heavenly Father that can illuminate our understanding as His spirit sons/daughters. 
I apologize for the short email. Little time. But I am so grateful to be here and love serving here. 
I hope all is well. 
Love you- Hna B

 I also included a píc of our  family, Figuaroa/Marin. Their family is one of our absolute favorites! When we came to the ward, Hna Figuaroa was MA, and over the past 7 mon we re-activated her. She lives with her son, Cesar, and Grandson, Daniel who recently returned from his mission. It was Daniel´s birthday this past Tuesday, so of course we celebrated. We count that as progress because Hna Figuaroa doesn´t celebrate birthdays. We call her as a Test. de Jehova (they don´t celebrate bdays).
We also had cambios. Well, we didn´t, but the other companionship did. Hermana Pérez left, So we took a picture of the four of us early in the morning. All 4 of us have been together for 7 mon. 

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