Monday, March 24, 2014

March 24th - no scripture

Hola Familia!
I hope all is well! I will just say first off, If Florida is still in it, there is still hope, right? Haa I can see dad is super excited this week with the brackets. Crazy that Wichita got knocked out! Props to Elder B and his bracket. He has always been the lucky one. Oh well. Next year lol. 
It´s been a pretty busy week. I have a description with all of my pictures down below of what happened this week. 
One of the biggest blessings this week was being able to see a family (entire family!) make a goal to enter the temple together. A____ G____ told us that a few weeks ago when we cam by for the first time, he was praying for help in one way or another to come back to church. The way he put it, we came in the exact time he needed it. We have had a few lessons this week with his wife, P____ and his children V____ (11) and C____ (7). They also have a 3 month old, F____. Their kids are so wonderful!!! The last lesson we were able to have with them was also with A___´s parents - one who is a counselor in the bishopric and his wife who is a less active. We were able to talk about the temple. A____ told us that he and P____ have a desire to be sealed together as a family. Like I mentioned in the letter from last week, the only obstacle as of right now is getting married civilly. They told us they were going to look into the tramites (paperwork) for it this Thursday to be able to get baptized as soon as possible. We are still teaching them and helping A____ worthily prepare to baptize his wife and kids. So many prayers are being said for this family right now!! I hope you can keep them in your prayers.
I have been studying the Harmony of the Gospels. I started about a week ago. I have also been pondering a lot in the characteristics of hope and grace. John 1:16-17 is where John bears testimony of Christ and the term of "Grace for Grace". I also read a talk this week by Brad Wilcox that was in the Liahona about this concept. How Christ paid the price for all of us and everything about us, not just the part that we don´t amount to, and that we will really be saved in the end by the Grace of God. But our obedience and our dilligence will determine how comfortable we will be in the presence of God. 
Well to explain the pictures, I got my haircut like I told ya'll last week. 
We also had a Noche de Hogar (FHE) with the youth. We watched a conference talk by Elder Holland "No One was With Him". It was about 18 minutes long and we had a contest to see who could keep their arms up holding two cups of water and paying attention to how Christ felt as He made his Journey from Gatsemane to Calvary. Pshh them youth dont know how to keep their arms straight. I was dying in the end, but was able to keep my arms pretty much straight the entire time. 
We also had another C____ A___ where we did tours to explain to people what we believe as Latter-Day Saints. It was a privilege go to a region called San Jose de Maipu. It is a lot of country and a really pretty part of Chile up higher in the Mountains. We were asked to go and help out Saturday. The total number of members make up a branch and they hold their meetings in an old home in the middle of the town. Here in one of the pictures are all of the members of the Branch. There were also a TON of people who came! it was a very successful night.
I wish I had gotten a better pic of San Jose De Maipu. From what I hear there is snow in the winter in this region. It kind of looks like AZ desert from this pic, but it is really pretty.  
I hope everyone is well. I always look forward to writing yall and seeing what yall are up to.
Praying that all is well. Prepare for General Conference and keep on the straight and narrow. 
Con mucho cariño y amor  

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