Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Enos 1:4, February 24

I hope all is well with everyone! We had a crazy week. First with an FHE that we did as a ward. We were in charge of the lesson and showed the mormon message of the light of Christ by Elder Bednar. 
It was great and a lot of people showed up in the end. We did Karoke and there are a few photos in the bunch of the members and our karaoke night. We were able to invite a few of our investigators as well. We also had divisions with the Temple Hermanas. So I got to work near the temple for a day. We were able to have a lesson with the Temple President, President Adler and his wife. It was different because we were able to have a lesson about marriage to a couple, D___ and L____ who both served missions, but were married civilly.  So we were able to teach them about being sealed in the temple. Crazy, because you´d think that with two return missionaries, it would be a priority to marry within the temple, but- ... it was pretty cool to have a lesson with the temple president. The good news is that they are planning on getting sealed in the Temple! And they made a plan with the Temple President to do a few things each day to strengthen their marriage. Unfortunately, I was only there for a day, but a few days after we went back with R____, our investigator that I´ve mentioned over the last few months. We took her to the temple with a recent convert, M____and her daughters. She was able to feel the spirit of the temple and told us she had never felt that way before. We have challenged her to be baptized a few times and has said it is not the time yet. I know that everything is in the timing of the Lord. We were able to have a NDH with her and the family of one of the Members- F___M___. It was really special because we talked about what it means to be spiritually converted in the Gospel. We made enchilladas again and I made K´s (coach amy´s) special ice-cream cake. They don't hvae cool whip, but I did my best. 
Continue to pray for R____ D____. We haven't been able to get in contact with her for about a week. Due to illness I assume, so unfortunately the time and requirements have passed for her to be baptized in the beginning of March. Its true that the adversary will come when we least expect it to. But again, it is all in the Lord´s timing. 
I was really able to study this chapter this week... hahaha short chapter. 
but I was really able to study it. It says that he wrestled with God in Prayer. Maybe we think, okay how, why or who would do such a thing, but when we think about our Heavenly Father and prayer, we should be able to tell Him everything. The good and the bad. It also says throughout that he first prayed for himself, next, the Nephites, and his bretheren the Lamanites. I have leaned the importance of having a relationship with my Heavenly Father through prayer. And like the scripture says- to have hunger and pray with power.
I am praying for you all. Elder B, I hope that it isn´t cold and snowy for too much longer. I love you and hope everyone is doing well. A bunch of pics this week. oh... and we found these kids on the street. nachoooooo!

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