Monday, March 17, 2014

March 17th

Hola Familia 
Sounds like a great week for yall!!! Especially being able to take care of Abuelita, although it sounds like she was taking care of you guys. How funny! I like the pics in front of the Anderson´s house as well (I'm pretty sure it is the Anderson house) It looks like a great tourist spot for a photo with a giant cactus! WOW you all look happy esp in front of Portillo's. What a fun week you guys have had. Congrats to Josh Preston as well. Elder B, I like the pictures! Awesome for G____. What an awesome day! Ill be praying for O___ and B____. Keep Working hard! Dad, I was thinking about our trip too :) buenos recuerdos! Those were fun times and really strengthened my testimony to see the historic sites of the Prophet Joseph Smith and the early Saints of the Church. 
& To answer Karen´s Question- no they do not celebrate st patricks day. But crazy. I looked at the calendar this morning and it clicked that we are in March. If you think about the middle of September, we are experiencing the crisp weather change, so it doesn't feel like March at all. But I am more sure that the American-Made St Patrick's day falls into the drinking holiday along with Cinco de Mayo which the Mexicans don´t celebrate at all according to Hermana Salazar. We don't even have the delicious Lucky Charms. Cereal here isn´t the same, so that will be one thing that I will be excited for when I get back.

It was a really great week! Our investigator, R____ is progressing. She still doesn´t want to commit to baptism quite yet, (R__ J____) but we can see her testimony being strengthened. We constantly invite her to be baptized, and she doesn´t want to commit to be a member quite yet. .........but we have faith that it will be soon. We are being patient though. A few weeks ago I mentioned that we found a menos activo, A____ and his wife- We are teaching him and his family now. He has 3 children- 11 and 7ys old and a baby a few months old. We are teaching him and his family and it is really cool to see them accept the commitments we extend. They have been having family prayers all this week. The father of this less active is a counselor to the bishop and actively comes to church, but his wife is a less active who hasn´t come to church in years. This past Sunday, she came to church, and sat by her son, A____. The family of A____ (and his mom and dad) were in our Principios de Evangelio class. A____ and his wife P____ are not married, but we have taught them about the importance of marriage in order to be baptized and they don't have much against the idea. We can really see a desire for them to be baptized and know that they can legally marry soon. It was absolutely awesome to see this this past week! 

Other news is that I cut my hair again- Short. one of the sisters was able to do it for me. photo coming soon. I also have Florida winning it all. If you cant read the final score- 69-65 over Wichita. Do what you can with the bracket if you can't read it. lol

It would be nice if you could send some more glue ins. I am sure I can find someone who would like them! I was also wondering if it were possible to send a/some .2 pens to mark my scriptures with. A really really fine tip in a nice color or so. A few people have them in the mission and they are so awesome! only if you are able to find them though :)

The family that is in the picture is the familia Y____(from the other email) and the familia Ismail who are in our ward. We had a great family home evening yesterday, and to top it off, we had Completos! 

Sorry I don't have a scripture this week, Don't have them with me at the moment, but I will send something next week. I love you all and hope that you all have a great week!

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