Monday, April 14, 2014

April 14th

Hola Familia-
This week has been a lot of work- a lot of walking, I´ll just put it that way. We have had difficulty finding people. We are not sure if it is just this time of the year (it got a LOT colder this week) or what, but it sure has been a challenge. One thing that I am proud of this week is that I have been studying the Harmonies of the Gospel,. I´m not sure If i mentioned this in an email, a few weeks back or not, but it has been really really really cool, to start from the Beginning of the life of Christ and work all the way to the end. In fact, I suggest it. As of now, I am finishing His ministry in Galilea and starting to study the last week of His life. Perfect timing, eh? With Easter coming up this week, it is really special to know more of the Ministry of Christ and what He came Here to do. One day this week, I was studying in John 6. This is a chapter where Christ feeds the 5,000, where Peter walks on water to meet Christ, and where Christ teaches the people in Galilea that He is the Bread of Life. It pretty much moved me to tears. Reading from John 6:66-69. It is incredible that Christ did not cease to heal, teach, and serve those who only believed and did not follow. and how John 3:16 is one of the most merciful verses in the Bible. And yet, to follow Him completely to the end, there are very few willing to do so. I love Peter´s response in his loyalty and friendship to the Lord. And how we can respond the same way. I am very grateful for the teachings of the Savior, and these days that are coming up are days of recognizing Him, His life, and His resurrection.
I hope you all have a great week. I also ask that in your prayers you can remember the people here in Valparaiso, Chile. There have been huge fires that have killed a few people and left a few homeless. 

A few photos from this week. Andres, Paula, Valentina, Cristobol and Vanessa (amiga de la Vale) after church. and making sushi at the bishops house. We also hiked the hill in our sector. Reminded me a lot of Cback :))
love you i will let you know when i get packages. everyone looks great! congrates hailey! she is so big and hazel. looks like yall had fun, :)

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