Tuesday, April 22, 2014

April 21st - finally getting transferred

Tuve cambios hoy! (I have updates)
J P Alessandri es mi sector nuevo. Something notable about my sector is that COLO COLO (fùtbol team) plays here and in Chile, you`re either a Colo Colo fan ò de la U (de chile). But I have about 6 hours in my new sector. It was super sad to say goodbye to everyone in the ward yesterday, I will send you a few fotos. There were some cool things that happened yesterday, though. One of them is that our Less-Active, Hna M_____ G_____ went to one of our  church activities yesterday. An Easter Activity, or as they say here, la Pascua de la Resurrecion, Hna M____ hadnt been to church since she was 14 years old. Although it technically wasn't Sacrament meeting, she came to church and loved the presentation by the choir. She is 54 years old. and our goal since the beginning of working in El Parque was to bring her to church- She also knew it was my last Sunday. Not only that, but after the presentation, Someone came and put their arms around me from behind. Her daughter, A____ was there, she too is a less-active. I didn't think that I would be able to see her before I left because she left for the weekend, but knowing that I would be leaving, she came and met us at church. She and her mom got to see the Easter Presentation. I said good-bye to a lot of the members here. I have been in El Parque for over 8 Mon.
Glad to see that K and Dad were able to visit the Hathaways this past week. And that you stopped by to visit hna coley! she looks well and happy!! and Sister Dodd got her Call!!!! Wow, I cant believe it! havent heard of Because of Him but sounds cool. 

Alex- how cool with the Boston Marathon. you are right Bstrong!!!!!
Dad- i love you and I live right next to a post office now. you will all be getting letters soon 

I too want to let you know how much I love the Easter Season to celebrate the resurrection of our Savior, Jesus Christ. I know He lives and He came to do the will of His Father. And that Our Heavenly Father not only had the love of His Son in mind, but the love for us. He left us with a special gift, the Holy Ghost, to remind us of His love. 
I love you all and am grateful for the examples that you are to me, I hope you have a great week!

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