Monday, April 7, 2014

March 31st

Short email this week! I don´t have a lot of time to write. Neither was there a lot going on. It has been a pretty cold week weather-wise. And we have been working, battling the sicknesses that are going around Santiago. It seems like everyone we have gone to visit this week has been under the weather. Please continue to pray for A____ G____ and his family! They still don´t know when they can get married. They have the desire, 100%, they just need to ask and take care of the paperwork now.

I, like Elder Berthelson, am getting ready for the conference. We are telling all of our investigators about it. I am super excited to hear the prophet speak and direct us. I was also very grateful to receive a package with a conference talk from President Packer! and some twistables to mark my scriptures with. Thank you so much! 
I do have a favor from you, each of you, Dad and Karen esp. I am studying the attributes of Christ in PMG, starting with faith. If you could send me a conference talk, share your testimony, or anything relating to the topic of faith in Jesus Christ, I would greatly appreciate it. I got this idea from my wonderful companion. And knowing that I am halfway through my mission, I am using the last nine months to study and completely apply these nine attributes. Ideas in application could work, too. I am so grateful to be a representative of the Lord and know that this is His work. 

I hope you like the fotos . I now know how to make the perfect pancake thanks to our investigator, Jackalyn! Chilenos make them differently. nevertheless, i am excited to make them for yall when i get home. Also, eating at a pakastani (sp) restaurant on pday with the hermanas in our pension. 

Perdón por la carta tan corta y fome esta semana. Les amo mucho. Disfruten esta fin de semana y escuchen las palabras de los siervos del Señor.

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