Monday, April 28, 2014

Ether 12:4

hola familia. 
lo ha sido una buena semana aqui en JP. Discoursé mi primer Domingo sobre la importancia del ayuno por la obra misional. Y, aparte de esto yo estaba tranquila con hna Veron trabajando y conociendo los miembros y las calles. Los miembros son diferente acá. Menos JAS y mucho más niñitos de la primaria- un buen cambio jaja. Algo diferente es que tenemos algunos conversos recientes, estamos trabajando más con ellos ahora. 
(It has been a good week here in JP. My first Sunday I discourse on the importance of fasting for missionary work. And apart from that I was calm and working with Sr. Veron knowing members and streets. Members are different here. Less JAS and more little children of primary-a nice change haha. Something different is that we have some recent converts, we are working more with them now.)
I have learned a lot within the last few days. It has been challenging to get to know the sector but Hermana Veron has been helping me a ton. The ward is different. I don't have too much to write on account of only being in my sector for a week. But we have been able to find a few new investigators and like i said above, a few new conversos which we didn't have in el parque. It has been a transition coming to JP, and I am also getting used to the cold weather starting up . que lata. I am also studying a lot more about hope which is my attribute that I am working on this month.- may. hope you like my scripture of hope to go along with it. 
perdon que no tengo mucho para responder. les amo muchisimo y espero que tengan una buena semana. 

(sorry I do not have a lot to answer. I love them very much and I hope you have a good week.)

haciendo comida con hna veron hoy y ayer en la capilla.

Sr. veron making food with today and yesterday in the chapel. 

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