Monday, June 16, 2014

John 21:17

_---Special Father´s Day email for Dad-----_Heyy!!! Special father´s day shout out to my favorite dad ;)) I LOVE that you are wearing the shirt. hahaha how awesome!! Well, you are absolutely right with the World Cup.. We had a conference the first day Chile played Australia and If i am not mistaken, Chile ganó 3-1 over Austrailia. 
Personally, the basketball statistics are a little more interesting for me. My comp is de argentina like I told you before, and she is just dying not being able to watch the World Cup this year. You should have seen the Metro station on friday. We were coming back from a zone conference. Mind you it is freezing cold, So I had my big jacket on and us missionaries are trying to get on the Metro and I´m trying not to lose my comp. I felt like one of those angelic expeciences happened to me where I could hardly breath with all of the people and my things and my coat, and right as the door was closing and I was on the other end of the metro door away from hermana Veron, I heard someone behind me yell "Como China!!" and I was pushed from behind with a BUNCH of Chilenos leaving work to watch the World Cup. But we were able to get back safely. 
JSYK I did send you a fathers day card and it is on its way if it hasnt gotten to you yet! I believe it might take a little while. because I only sent it last week. This father´s I worked hard for you, I thought a lot about you, and was able to see here that they celebrate Father´s day just like we do. 
We were able to teach a family yesterday. Four Generations- We visited a less active couple who were there with their sons and daughters, grandchildren, and a great grandchild. How cool, huh?? And we taught about the importance of being sealed as a family. As a bonus, the temple missionaries went with us (Elder and Hermana Rasmussen are from Virginia). All were members but one son-in-law who is married to their daughter who is also less active. Right before we were about to leave, they both told us that they would like for the missionaries to come by and teach them more. Their daughter wants to start coming to church again.
I was also able to finish my goal of reading the Four Gospels to learn more about Christ and His life. I teared up a little bit thinking back to last year when Alex gave the talk by Elder Holland- "The First and Great Commandment". And before Christ ascended

back into heaven, he asked his disciples, His true followers, to be Fishers of Men and to Preach His Gospel. I am more than grateful to be doing this full-time right now. And as Karen is now doing it with family history work, and Alex and Dad. We are here to share this joy with others. Les amo muchisimo. Cuidense esta semana :)
bunch of photos. Me in the pouring rain, with a member`s rabbits. us on divisions with Hermana Wright (WOOHOO) and a few others. :)

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