Monday, June 2, 2014

June 2nd

Hola todos. 
Glad to hear that everyone is doing well! I was super excited to hear that Alex was able to have a conference with Elder Holland, was able to baptize J__ M___ , and met A___ M____! The news about Karen and Dad and Portland. I really liked the photos, although it looks like you guys went to San Diego, not Portland with Dad and all of his Chargers get-up. And a lot of commotion in the ward. More good news than anything. Shoot! A lot of marriage announcements. 

As for me- YES the weather is super cold right now. We have had quite a week of walking in the cold. We are trying to find new investigators, and the weather just doesn´t help... A few weeks ago we were door-to-door contacting and met a woman named M__ E___ M____ who had told us that she was very busy, and would attend to us when she had time. Most öf the time this means they don´t want to hear from us and kindly shut the door. But we gave her an image of Christ and left it at that. The other night we went to her door and as we were calling out to see if anybody was home and she appeared from around the street corner. She let us in and explained to us how much it meant to her that we had given her an image of Christ. How she really needed it at that moment and that she is struggling to support her family as a single mother with her two sons attending a university. And how she is really busy with her career and at the same time very lonely. We explained to her the importance of the love that our Heavenly Father has for us and the need to have Him in our lives. We are going to continue to teach her this week. 
We were also able to have a family home evening with the Bishop and his family on Monday. It was pretty crazy with him and his four sons. We also had a Convert and her family with us. It was supposed to be a NDH to get to know Bishop Pardos, and his wife and family, but it was pretty chaotic. We didn´t really get to talk much with the Bishop.
We were able to go out with Hermana Wright on Wednesday . I mentioned that you guys were planning on going to Portland. She and my Mission President are from Oregon. She told me that the water was contaminated, but obviously I wasnt able to tell you in time. I hope you didnt drink the ocean water lol. 
Not much else this Monday. Les amo mucho. Yo veo las bendiciones, aún pequeños, cada día. Estoy agradecida ser misionera acá en Chile.

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