Monday, June 9, 2014

June 9th

Short and sweet this week- Not a lot going on around here, and I feel horrible because although I remembered all of the parts to send pictures this time, I forgot about charging my camera batteries. So hopefully by next week you will receive pictures. I did receive a package with small toys for little A____ & A_____- Thank you K!! and Dad. I think the blessing is that I continue to receieve things from my parents AND my brother because I received a letter from Elder Berthelson this week :) ........
The most freezing week ever with all of the rain here. Freezing Freezing Freezing. With rain- you would think that the 32 deg weather would hit,or 0 celcius but it continued to rain all weekend long. I have been using 2 pairs of leggings, two jackets, hat, mittens scarves,... I thought I could tough it out with the boots, but I think I am going to buy some new ones. The heels of my shoose have worn down from so much walking. I am walking and standing with a backward slant now, so I am thinking of buying some before preperation day is over. 
We were able to bring one of our investigators to Church which is always a struggle in Chile, especially with the rain this weekend. Her name is M____ M____, she is really receptive and we were also able to meet her husband. We hope to continue teaching the both of them because she really liked coming to church with us. 
As for my studies, I have been reading and am now finishing the 4 Gospels along with reading Jesus the Christ. 
It really is deep to understand the life of Christ and a blessing to maybe know a little bit more of Christ as a person. That as John explains- He grew Grace for Grace. Also, June is Caridad y Amor. looking for ways to have more charity and love

Espero que todo este bien esta semana. Hay mucho para hacer todavía. Muchas almas para salvar. Compartan el Evangelio con todos, porque, como les sepan, lo trae esperanza y felicidad :)
Con mucho amor, Hermana B 

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