Monday, June 30, 2014

June 30th

Hola Familia- yes just as was explained in your emails, it was a tough weekend for Chile. They came extremely close, millimeters away from scoring. I might be converted as a Futbol fan hahaha. It was intense,, but both teams played really well. 

It's been a pretty good week. After a long time of searching, a few of our contacts have become new investigators. We are teaching a gal named F_____. A single mother with a little boy who is super adorable. She lives with both parents, M___ and V_____ who were also two contacts that we made and all of them are receptive, asi que estamos enseñando una familia entera! The dad works in the minery so he is working more often that is at home. But all of them are receptive :) And such a sweet family. We also contacted their neighbors. A few houses down we contacted another gal, Y_____ who is 21, a few week ago who has two little boys and lives with her husband and grandma. We were finally able to teach her and her grandma this week. It turns out her grandma is a member of the church and after the passing of her husband and moving, she hasn't assisted in over fifteen years. But Y___ P_____ is very interested in learning about the church through her grandmother. She is also going through a lot of changes right now- Counseling and such. After studying and working for the past couple of years they recently found that she has cancer and so she has had to go through drastic changes within the last few months. It was a super emotional lesson that we had with her. Please keep her and her family in your prayers. 
To answer k´s question yes we have a cell phone but we are only able to call.. 
Elder B, FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS A TI! A Ti! A Ti! espero que te hayas tenido un buen cumpleaños. Que bacán que cumples un día antes de tu compañero! Me gustan las fotos de ti y el Elder Jonston- Que rica la torta! Suena que tienes una misión "internacional" con los miembros de países diferentes. Te gusta la comida italiana también, ya? No es real que ya tienes 20 años, en serio. Continúes trabajando arduamente Elder B! 
(Happy Birthday to you! A Ti! A Ti! I hope you had a good birthday. That bacán you meet a day before your partner! I like the pictures of you and the Elder Johnston-That rich cake! Sounds like you have an "international" mission with members from different countries. I like Italian food too, ya? It is real that you already have 20 years, seriously. Elder B keep working hard!)
Yes I will miss the fourth again this year.. Thanks dad for keeping traditions alive. If you go ahead and put a little Palta on the hot dog with some tomato, mayonesa and ketsup, you´ve made yourself a completo. and I will probably be eating that this week. They love their completos in Chile!!! hahaha. 
Hope all is well and that everyone has a great week! love you so much.

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