Monday, July 14, 2014

July 14th

Hola Familia. 
We were able to have a few good lessons with Less actives this week. We were once again able to enter the house of Hermano M__ T______ who was a reference from a less active a couple of months ago. We have passed by so many times to learn that he isn't there, doesn´t have time, etc etc. But we were able to teach him in his house this past Saturday. Our first visit with us, he was very set to his idea of our church being a church of Joseph Smith. Our fist visit was to first get to know him and our initial though was that we needed to teach him the Restoration. The problem is that he doesn't know how to read. We made a picture format of the restoration so that it would be easier to teach him- well, about a month ago, and it worked so well Saturday. We taught him and the wonderful thing about it is that he listened more intently when we started explaining who Joseph Smith was and as we recited the First vision and shared our testimonies. We also offered to teach him how to read. He and his family appear in the ward directory and were baptized about twenty years ago, but it has been incredible to once again teach him from the beginning.
Just a lot of visiting less actives.... not a lot more than that this past week. 
We also did a surprise FHE with an older convert in our ward named J____. It was so cute! all of the Valients sang, gave a lesson, we also had a game. We have a picture that I will have to send next week. 
We went to Cajón del Maipo a couple of weeks ago. We took a bunch of pictures, so I picked out a couple. 

We also went to a Dinosaur exhibit today, not anything super special but More photos to come.

There were so many forms of good news, I don't know where to start...
Dad`s news with LeBron? Martha Bale!!! Wow I am excited for her! Cambria and Hunter being closer to our house, Elder Clark, Elder Berthelson is now a chef... well I got the excitement reading real quick about what is going on. 
I am super grateful for the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This message is entirely about joy as it is applied in our lives. I feel like a better person inside and out as I look for ways to progress spiritually every day. And it is so special not only to live it but to share it as well. 

Les amo. thank you for letters and packages (got the package with some clothes and accessories from k this week) and love in general.

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