Monday, July 28, 2014

July 28th

Yes I will stuff a little bit more into my letter this week. We actually had a few things "out of the ordinary" go on. Remember N______? The one with major major health problems? Well, he had a crisis, didn`t eat for a few days and was hospitalized this week. The kid weighs as much as I do and if and when he eats, he eats only rice and eggs. Things with very little nutritional properties. We were able to get permission from his parents to have the bishop come over and give him a blessing. The bishop came by to give him the blessing, and unfortunately he was doped up on medications. He didn't respond to the bishop, but all of his other family members- his mom, dad, sister, and brother, asked for a blessing. It was a very humbling moment for everyone in the end. We have taught all of them on occasion, but it`s a huge struggle to teach them, especially the mom who is a strict Evangelical woman and thinks that her son is captivated by the devil. Well, if we are making progress with them, it is very slow. 

The man I told you about last week- A_______- is awesome!! He came to our English class, something that was only mentioned the week before to him. We also invited him to have a lesson with us this last week in the house of Hermano C_____. Hahaha it was crazy. Mostly because both Hermano C_____ and A______ are social butterflies. May I remind you Hermano C____ is our re-activated convert. He told whatever kind of story about the miracles of being a "Mormona". We felt that maybe our lesson turned into a train-wreck, but in the end A______  asked us to share our testimonies. Another hermana that was with us shared a testimony of following the spirit. Hermana V____ also bore her testimony of the restoration of the gospel and I also shared my testimony that he could know through prayer and the Spirit. In the end it turned out being a great lesson. We just have to help him along and get him to church because he works on Sundays.

We also have an investigator named M_____. She came with us for the second time to church yesterday. Not sure if I mentioned who she is, but she is an absolute blast. She is fifty something but has major depression issues. Maybe not what you would think.. We have to teach her like we teach the primary children- with characters and pictures. For example, we sang a musical number yesterday at church the four of us missionaries and I gave a talk in sacrament meeting and she tried to applaud after our "presentations". But, she is progressing a lot more than our other investigators. We actually started teaching her husband who is a big Rod Stewart fan. and their son M_____. We have a lesson with M______ in a few min. 

Elder Berthelson!!!! Congrats! I am so proud of you. I know that this is a big responsibility and you are the perfect elder for the job. I hope you show love to your zone and everyone you are going to serve. I am so so so so proud of you :))
Hope everyone has a great week. Chao, besitos.

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