Monday, August 25, 2014

August 25th

hola familia! 
My companions always ask me where my parents are this week. They jump from the question of "how is your family" to "where is your family" . Sounds like everyone had a good week despite the accident Elder B had. Good thing that neither of you were hurt. I find it funny that you were sleeping Elder. Is that a Berthelson move or what?.- haha but glad you found the good in it. If it makes any difference, I would love a bike! My calf muscles are huge because we walk everywhere. 
Glad that you were able to vaca, Dad!! FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS! I was wondering what you were going to do for your 45th. I did think of you on Saturday.. I hope you had a great day in the baseball weather. I also think of Journey and smile! 
Seriously? Sister Bale is going to Africa?? Whoah, is that is awesome or what?? I am super excited for her! I can`t even imagine... dont know where that part even exists on the map- I hope she is excited and prepared! She is going to do great :) I also got a package (apart from the jdrive) with a letter from Dad and a couple of missionary items! Awww I love getting these hand written letters. I loved the account that K also had in Independence, Missouri. Our Pioneer heritage is something that I really want to know more of, especially when I get back. I am trying to see about getting more of my family history work done here. There are some awesome resources that we have as missionaries in our Santiago mission, so I want to take advantage of it right now. 
I heard yesterday about the Earthquake in San Francisco. A lot of people have no idea where these places are in the States, so a few families were worried about you guys... I told them not to worry because we are no where near SF, but we did have a 6.4 earthquake here on Saturday (Dad´s Birthday). We were in the house of one of our converts M___ G____ from Colombia and with her three small kids. Right at the end of the lesson, my companion started to feel the floor shake.. We had to run for the door, and Hermana M___ G_____ was the first one to run outside forgetting about her baby sitting next to her.. Hahaha! It was crazy and all over the news. There wasn't much damage, but it was called an earthquake and one of the more noticable ones that I´ve seen in the mission thusfar. 
So yes, we did have transfers this week. My companiera left our sector and I will be training a new missionary from the CCM . I should be training her for the next 12 weeks, so it is unlikely that I will change sectors before I leave in December. I don´t know who she is yet, but I will meet her tomorrow in the morning. 
The week wasn't exactly what we expected, but we were able to put a date for our investigator, M_____ for the end of September! We are hoping that she will be prepare herself because it is a month away. Also, we were able to contact a lot of people including P___ S_____ who is a new investigator. It is wonderful to see people put their faith in the Lord and act out of knowing that it will help them in the end. 
I hope that yall have a great week- I love you so much!

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