Monday, September 1, 2014

September 1st

Well, it was quite the semana. Even though I am still in J. P. Alessandri, I have a new companiera from Colombia. Her name is Hermana Villalba. It was a pretty crazy week with training, but we were able to have some AWESOME lessons....... more tender blessings than I could imagine. We found a few good investigators this week. We were also able to go to the temple with our Converso hno Jo___ Z_____. He is our convert of 78 years who lives alone. His parents, wife, and only son have passed on to the other side of the veil and we were able to do baptisms and confirmations for all of them- A super humbling experience. Even before going to the temple, we were waiting, the three of us for some members to come by and take us. A lady named C______ came with her 5 year old son and asked us who we were. We explained to her that we were missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ and she told us that she had once attended a baptismal service for a friend and also said that she wanted a change in her life. We were able to teach her a little bit, even with Hermano Z_____ to help us, and she agreed to take lessons from us. How cool is that or what??? I am also learing a lot from my new companion. She comes from very humble circumstances, but she has got a vigor and desire to share the Gospel! I´m so glad to have her as my comp!! 
Well I'm sorry this is such a short email. I also forgot my camera.. oops!! I will pray for the Christensen's.. I know it must be hard right now. It was nice to see that everyone is doing well and that Cambria had a good time. I forgot up until i got Dad's email that it was labor day- cool beans!! a day off.

Keep strong, doing what you´re doing, and doing a little bit more because as I reflect back on this week, we really had spiritual moments just going the extra mile. Love you all so much!

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