Monday, September 15, 2014

September 15th

kind of stinks, I have a few more pics to send yall.... but the computer i am at right now is pretty old and there is no where to plug in my camera. I am well!
This week has been full of conferences, service, work... We were able to have a conference with our President Wright and his wife and an area 70, Elder Resek were able to come and speak to us Thursday. It was powerful conference and we were able to focus more on helping South America Statistically. Startaling the challenge there is in South America for the members to 
1. Actively come to church and 
2. Pay tithing and fast offerings.
I am so blessed to have learned these commandments at a young age because it is sad to see the numbers in the members who are members and do very little in the building of Zion. There is only RECENTLY a construction of the temple in Concepción and our little temple in Santiago with all of the members in the whole country of Chile. It gave us a clear overview of what we can focus on as far as teaching... We were also cleaning out the area book and we found a name that the elders had been teaching a couple of years ago. We stopped by the house to find the gal they were teaching and another young woman came out. Her name is C_____ and she was an active member of the chuch up until she was 12 years old. She had family problems and her mom stopped taking her to church. She wants us to start coming back to teach her. Difficult because she only remembers a little of wht she was taught 8 years ago. But is was such a blessing to find her because she said she really feels "lost" in this time of her life. We have plans to continue to visit her this week. We are still working hard with our two investigators with baptism dates-. M_____ and M_____. Also C____ G_____ who is the daughter of our convert M___ G_____. 
Sounds like everyone was busy this week. Hope everything turned out for the funeral and it is good to hear that both dad and k were able to help out. It also sounds great that y'all are going to visit the Dodd's this Thanksgiving. And Elder B sounds like he is doing great! like the pics as well. Hope everyone has a good week. I will be sending pics the next week bc we are going to be celebrating a lot of 18 like last year!!! yeahhh

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