Monday, September 22, 2014

September 22nd

Well, I am starting out a good pday. I'm sure K will mention the story. Had a Little scare with my card, but I learned there was nothing to worry about. All is well here! We definitely passed 18 with success!!! I am still full of empanadas and choripán. And we actually had a good week as well with finding new people to teach. The springtime is already here and it is starting to be delightful to work outside again.

So this week we were determined to put baptismal dates. We have another date set with C____, our long time investigator of 10 years, but with all people, there comes a long story- Well, C____ doesn't feel ready, but it is a work in process. It just takes support and a lot of love to help her feel good about her decisión.
We are still working with M_____ all I have to say.
We also have an investigator named M____ with a baptisimal date.
And another 10 year old boy named J____ who practically comes to church by himself.

So with these people, we are working on continuing on with lessons. Maybe a lot of prayers are needed on their behalf (and on ours) to be able to find them and teach them. Sometimes they go MIA and we call and visit with Little results.. but here we are. We were also able to find a ton of people this week which was awesome!!! Well, yesterday our Little investigator J____ might have had a rough time in the primary. He started fighting with some of the kids and the kids got scared. Man, all that babysitting comes in Handy because i had to be pretty stern with him in the hallway of the church and everyone Heard. Just picture me laughing right now, because in the end it was funny. The primary leaders afterwards explained to us that J___ is a kid of the streets and that the primary gets scared when he´s around. Pretty true. We are working with him and his parents. But this was just a Little bit of the crazyness that happened this week-

Glad to hear the Word about our friends k, and dad with Elder Cook, how awesome! I had Heard that statement made before. I think this misión is for me- not because I have had all of the success here, but because I have learned a lot and I might come back a Little more refined- I hope.
Keep sharing the good news and look for ways to strengthen others. Love you!

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