Tuesday, November 11, 2014

November 3rd

hola familia...
I received a package from Cindy and Greg. looks like Mr Greg bought a boat and is now going frogging? If you could relay the message back to them telling them not to worry- that I will get my frogging gear ready for when I get back. Tell Ms Cindy that I am trying to collect some box tops for her to send back and that I will try and send in a couple of weeks.- I have collected a couple and I will see if some of the members have so to send so that I can send them. I also got a letter from Hailey Persons... just a few months late it seems like. I also got a Christmas card from the Hampton family. according to the card, Devin will be turning in his papers in the next week or two.. gotta love the mail system in Santiago!
(editor's note: Elder Devin Hampton has been on his mission since May)
sorry for the short email. It was such a good week. Mainly for yesterday with our investigators coming to church. yes! 
Hermana Salazar also surprised my with a small get together. I had no idea she would be celebrating my b-day, but here is a foto. 
thank you for all of the updates. hope to write a little more next week. love  you !!!

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